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  1. n00b1

    Servers benchmark

    But does this slow down client framerate too or just make people judder about? :confused:
  2. n00b1

    Servers benchmark

    This may seem like a retarded question but what kind of influence does the server performance at this level have on the client performance? I just built a new Sandy Bridge system and the game runs like butter on Single Player and online with only a few players (even on Warfare mode). But on a well populated server the framerate is killed and there is nothing I can do to improve it!
  3. Thanks Leon. Think I will probably go for the 2500K and 4GB dual channel initially and take it from there. I am pretty that the CPU is limiting performance in some areas given the fact that altering the graphics settings does nothing to improve this.
  4. I am looking to do a complete system overhaul in the coming months. I am currently running: 1) Q6600 @3.2Ghz 2) Radeon 5850 @ 5870 speeds 3) 4GB Dual Channel PC2-8000 RAM. I kind of 'put up with' the framerate dipping to around 20fps here and there, especially in tight urban areas or areas with lots of people and vehicles. I believe this is a limit imposed by the CPU as I understand this to be a very CPU-intensive game at times - lowering the resolution to 50% or lower also yields no performance improvement, confirming this to be the case. So my question is, compared to my current system, what kind of diffence would the following upgrades make: 1) Sandy Bridge 2500K @ 4Ghz+. Any point in opting for the 2600K on this game? Does it make any use of the Hyper Threading and extra cache? 2) Geforce GTX 570. Or would I be better opting for another 5850 and Crossfiring? I will most likely upgrade the rest of the system first and see how my single 5850 copes. 3) 4GB/6GB of fastest available RAM for SB motherboard when the time comes. Would there be any advantage of 6GB or 8GB over 4GB on Arma 2? Would it ever actually use the extra RAM? I understand some processors require Triple Channel setups rather than Dual Channel setups. Other bits and bobs that may be of interest. My system has an ASUS Xonar D2X soundcard and the game is installed on an OCZ Vertex 2E SSD. My current monitor runs at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 but I do review monitors with higher resolutions every now and then. This isn't a game I usually use to test them out so I suppose that is neither here nor there. ;)
  5. n00b1

    Eye of the Typhoon

    I rescued the POWs, killed Aziz (by blasting his SUV with a TOW as it sped away from his compound) and then destroyed all SCUD launchers... But the mission won't end?! What is going on?
  6. Hi, I spent some time on "Open Season" (the Arrowhead mission with the Apache and the cute little UAV) and was having a lot of fun. I was nearing the end of the mission with the objective to clear the enemy defense line running to the second airport. Rather abruptly I was told that the mission was failed and the only option was to press continue. I think this was triggered by some time limit that I wasn't aware of, but the point is all of my saves for that mission were wiped and I was expected to start it again?! What happened here? Is there a way to skip to the next mission? If the worst comes to the worst I don't mind doing it again but if that same thing is going to happen I'm not sure I want to!
  7. It says on Steam "Requires the base game ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead on Steam in order to play." Is this correct or will the Steam BAF work with the DVD version of the other game(s)?
  8. n00b1

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    I can't use the WHOT for the same reasons. And I don't think it is a monitor issue seeing as I'm currently using an NEC MultiSync PA241W P-IPS (£900+ screen) that is great for.. everything :p I think the big issue here is that the contrast from the environment is not good on the thermals since only objects emitting heat have a proper signature. In reality you can distinguish objects quite nicely on thermals due to their differing natural thermal properties. For now I'm using BHOT but I would like to go back to WHOT if possible.
  9. Hi, I am interested in getting Arma2 content so I can play on servers that run that content through Arrowhead. Would this work if I install Arma2 after Arrowhead?
  10. That's good. It was more the optics and suppressor I would have liked to see from the A3.
  11. n00b1

    FLIR contrast and square TWS

    Thanks for all of the replies guys. It would be awesome if somebody could model the thermals in this way. Sounds like a fair bit of work and is quite beyond me really. :p
  12. I have noticed this severely affecting hit registration (or is that a seperate issue?) I engaged a stationary enemy at exactly 600m with the M110 (elevation set correctly) and hit several times, but he didn't die. He then proceeded to teleport about a bit to another location.
  13. Against AI choppers... The instant the stinger is launch they pop flares - with an almost 100% success rate at fooling the missile. I have tried firing from a number of ranges and target aspects with very little luck. Is this the way it is intended? Makes the Linebacker pretty useless unless you want to waste a lot of HE rounds and cross your fingers.
  14. Yeah. US SOCOM has diverted a lot of funding from the cancelled Mk. 16s into procuring Mk. 17s and Mk. 20s (basically the sharpshooter version of the Mk. 17).
  15. I haven't played the game enough to have played with them yet. That's awesome :p