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  1. Alaric -ITA-

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Looking forward to play this new DLC. A pity 'bout chally :(( Tell me, please, when Valve ever charged for a patch? They kept releasing TONS and TONS of free stuff for TF2 without asking for a single penny. Not a single one. If you refer to Left 4 Dead 2, well, maybe a full price for it was too much (i didnt play it, but I did hear more than a few people talkin of it, so whatever i say might be wrong, but i'm pretty confident it isn't), but was still a different game. Only wrong thing (and that's subjective) they did is with the Episodes story, but then 3 episodes would pretty much cost a single full game, so, what's the harm? Forgive this lil OT of mine, but Valve is one of the few companies still supporting PC without all the crap EA, Activision and Ubisoft have forced us to get used, and i hate to see em bashed. Oh and.. do brits really get that funny with radio protocols? Haha, looking forward too see that too. If not, to provoke a bit brit friends of mine XD
  2. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    I see, thanks for the info :)
  3. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    Well, i recall it worked for most doors, he just putted the knife inside the lock instead of the key and violently rotated it to break the lock, i don't think he actually broke the entire frame. It was time-saving because you didn't have to pick the lock.
  4. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    Little off-topic: i noticed in Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (or was it double agent? can't recall) you could break open a lock by putting a knife in it and pushing, is that really possible?
  5. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    In real life they use a knife one time in a billion, there are much more pressing concerns to be addressed right now. As if that was not enough, a knife would not fit in the clumsy CQBs of Arma 2.
  6. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    From what you say, a military simulator is not what you want. And, just as note, i too find this game sometimes a bit too realistic, but it's the way it's supposed to be. When i want something more arcade i play something else. If you really want the knife make a mod. BIS will not add it.
  7. Alaric -ITA-

    Knife proposal

    The only 2 realistic scenarios in which i see a soldier using a knife are: -if he during a melee fight has lost his gun. And this is not realistic since "melee fights" don't happen anymore. -if a Special Forces squad deep in enemy territory has (or will soon) ran out of ammo and so is forced to use knives. Both are scenarios that happen one time in a billion, we don't need them. Moreover, with the sheer idiocy (and eagle sight) of arma's AI and clumsiness of the CQBs, even if we had them we wouldn't usem them.
  8. Alaric -ITA-

    Tank speed

    What happened to the two guys outrunning eachother in a public road? XD Anyway, about the cannons hitting objects such as houses and other vehicles, i agree it's unrealistic for them to just shrug it off and even have the tank "bounce" back, but, with the idiotic AI we have, moving the turret without any kind of logic it'd be insane to lose the gun just because you accidentally crept something after AI moved the cannon towards a building.
  9. Alaric -ITA-

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    Honestly, i struggle to belive a several decades old tank like the t72, no matter how refitted, can have more rough firepower than one of the most modern tanks around, plus that just been refitted. REFLEKs are more powerful than sabots, yes, and can actually hit low-flying aircrafts too, but iirc have a much much longer reloading time (they did in Arma 2) and i belive the M1's sabots are considerably stronger than the T72's ones. So all around i still belive an M1 has more firepower, while it lacks the advantages of missles the cannon (iirc) should have more than enough range for most engagements. More advanced electronics and sights should help tipping the balance too. Still i have to admit, REFLEKs do offer an advantage, provided it's the T72 that fires first, since i'm prety sure a single sabot from an M1 would manage to take out the T72 for good. Actually, i wonder how would a T90's armor fare compared to that of the Abrams.
  10. Alaric -ITA-

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    Well, if T72s fire lastest-gen SABOT rounds then it's right they can pierce in 2 shots the M1's armor.
  11. Alaric -ITA-

    Tank damage modelling in OA?

    I recall that in campaign t55s and RPGs barely scratched hull armor, but it was the campaign. And if really they can destroy M1s from afar.. lol @ BIS. Altho it seems very weird to me.
  12. Alaric -ITA-

    controller of choice for flying aircraft?

    Joystick all the way
  13. Alaric -ITA-

    OA ATVs/Quads doomed to have an accident.

    Funny fact, i pretty much launched an abrams down a mountain, reaching a top speed of 180km\h in a steep slope, actually making it FLY for like a KM or two down the mountain until it hit a tree. Crew wasn't even scratched. And similar facts happened more than a couple of times, i even used to drop abrams' from ospreys at 150+ mts of altitude and top speed. Not a scratch. Ah.. coherency ;D Altho i got killed after taking sustained RPG \ Cannon fire, wounding the crew to death. And not harming the tank's armor in any way. Tank status = green, crew status = KIA. :S?
  14. Alaric -ITA-

    OA headaches...

    Never had such problems, i always manually ordered the gunner to fire the main cannon on vehicles, works fine for me. Plus, imagine the nightmare of AI auto-firing main cannon, targeting what it wants, firing when it wants... brrr! I prefer manually engaging, so i always have the cannon ready when i need it.
  15. Alaric -ITA-

    OA ATVs/Quads doomed to have an accident.

    Happened to me while jumping down a rock at like 50km\h with a LAV 25 HQ. Was pretty much amazed, as i wasn't going so fast and rock wasn't so tall. Still, it's rather annoyin, even more so now in Takistan.