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  1. I've had ARMA2 on the shelf for a while, finally upgraded my computer so that I could play it. I loved ARMA and had high hopes. They are quickly being dashed.... I installed the 1.07 patch, and I get the same results. I can't get through the first of the basic training missions. I've encountered two different bugs. If I get past one, then I get the other one. I've tried everything I can think of, but I'm stuck. Here's what I'm getting: 1. Shooting range - I'll go through a mag of practice, and then go to do the test. Maybe one target will pop up, and the guy says that I failed. If I retry, it does the same thing, over and over... 3. First Aid - I go over and try and get the guy. If I try and drag, I can spin around in a circle, but I can't walk/move. If I pick him up, same issue... Am I missing something, or do I have another coaster for the desk? Thanks, Danny