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  1. He needs to have a radio to make all functions realistic. Realistic range, attachments, correct GUI, etc.
  2. If it is an engine limitation there is not a lot to discuss anymore :). Mods can close this one.
  3. I recently discovered a bug during a (MP) session. When you go prone, and use the ctrl + Q/D keys (azerty keyboard/sideways keys) you are able to lay on that specific side of your body. However you do not seem to be able to use the scope when you are in this position. Is this supposed to be WAD or is it a bug? If it is the last one can someone make a report on the feedbacktracker (and link it) as I don't seem to remember my username. Steps to reproduce: -go into editor and place down a unit (I used blufor riflemen) -go prone -use the adjust stance keys to move sideways -try to use scope I found this using the latest stable build. Regards enforcer edit: I did search through the tracker but I couldn't find anything relevant.
  4. enforcer4100

    Halo to Parachute landing realism

    Hello all, I was directed to this thread by my younger brother (the owner of this account) and all I can say is, oh my god, so much stupidity in this thread. I still jump out of airplanes (both steerable and non-steerable chutes) and I used to jump for the national parachute team and I am just stunned how you make such a conclusion when you watch two videos. Videos in which they don't carry gear non the less. When you jump into a combat zone you are wearing a vest, helmet, weapon and most importantly a 30kg backpack. No mather what parachute you use you will fall over, if not forward or backward, then it will be side ways, NO MATTER WHAT! Let's assume the steerable parachute jumps, you jump, you open the chute and your backpack is released and hanging below you around 2-2.5m. When you come in to land there are 2 possibilities, you go forward or backward or you come in side ways (by drifting or turning to late). Forward/backward; Cool you come in with a lot of speed (which you do!), you touch the ground and start running, but suddenly, ow shit you are stopped by that 30kg backpack and guess what, you fall over. sideways; same drill you come in to land and unless you have some amazing skill that you can stay upright when your gear and your chute are pulling you sideways, guess what? You drop. A last thing that could happen is that you come in a straight line from the sky. Unless you want to break every little bone in your legs and arms you better fall sideways. Atleast do some proper research before making such a bold statement. Considiring that I jumped for the national team (and oh boy we did gather some medals over the past years), I can tell you that you will NEVER be able to do that when you are wearing gear. The only times I managed to stay up is landing perfectly into the wind, a straight and flat landing pad/zone, a steerable parachute and no-gear at all. We could discuss if this animation should always be the same, but no mather what you think you will drop.
  5. enforcer4100

    Clipping issues

    You already made a post about this 2 days ago. You don't simply make a new one if the other one gets locked. link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167275-AI-still-cheating-big-time-thanks-to-clipping-issue
  6. enforcer4100

    Flag Patches

    Isn't this already possible with the squad.xml?
  7. enforcer4100

    Why buy arma 3 to help the game development

    if they close your first thread that means you DON'T make a second one about the same thing.
  8. No it is not. AFAIK there are a couple of changes made to UO_CBA3 (don't ask me what they changed). So no it is not useless. ---------- Post added at 04:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:59 PM ---------- Wrong. SU or PwS are able to place your plugins in the right place in your TS folder. SW is not able to do that as far as I am aware.
  9. enforcer4100

    Stealth Kills?

    Technique can in my opinion be ruled out, because we assume that soldiers are trained to do it the right way. Depth can also be ruled out because we assume that we won't have a million knives in game. You might have a point with anatomical location, I am not medicaly (spelling?) trained so I can't really comment on that. Regarding your point about turkeys, comparing a turkey and a human is like comparing a jeep and a tank. They are completely different things that you can't compare. If you talk about the OJ murder case I assume you talk about the OJ Simpson case right? I quickly did some research and it said that his (ex-)wife was stabbed not cut. I am aware of all the arteries in someones neck but even if you cut those open your target won't be instantly dead (which I was discussing, insta-kills).
  10. And who is going to pay for that central server? And what about private mods? If they are stored on a central server everyone can download them.
  11. enforcer4100

    Stealth Kills?

    And here is where the problems start, as oposed what Hollywood wants us to believe you cannot slitt someones throad with just one cut because of the cartilage (? bone around your airway). Same for breaking someones neck.
  12. enforcer4100

    JUMP please!!

    Perhaps I am overestemating 50 cm's :p
  13. enforcer4100

    JUMP please!!

    50 cm's? I don't know about you but I play basketball and I don't know a lott of people that can jump that high (we are not talking NBA). Now try to jump with body armour, a helmet, a weapon and a backpack. I think we need to keep in mind that the amount of obstacles to jump on/over is quiet small (atm) so we don't need a real jump. Make the vault over animation a little faster/smoother and I think that's all we need while running.
  14. I wonder where he got the permission to port it over.
  15. Nice mod! Keep up the good work! Small question, does the ComSec function works or is it just eyecandy?