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  1. hey calm down man, I've already tried to make models and I know it's hard, in fact I said "it should be" as I suppose that for one who makes models everyday it should be so, since the 70% of the tank has already been done by ArmA 3 developers...isn't it? I'm sorry: "easy" is the wrong word
  2. I would like to see the Leopard 2a4 Singapore version like the one in this picture: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5577/14449344118_f665fc4fb1_b.jpg It should be easy to do it, just modifying the arma 3 model
  3. Hi, I've found the following problem during my patrolling mission creation: when an AI squad reaches the next waypoint set on safe mode after a firefight, the behaviour will still remain in combat mode. In a few words: pratrol on safe mode -> firefight combat mode -> back to safe -> and so on Please, could you make a script to solve this issue? Thanks Matt
  4. Good job guys! LAVIII is awesome!! I'm wondering if you could make the Stryker ICV with the remote M2 using your LAV as base...
  5. I'm looking for someone who builds the Indian Arjun MK1 tank
  6. bogart

    OFP Addon request thread

    hi, I'm looking for the Arjun mk1 tank
  7. yeah I know, the mk46 is 5,56 and yes I mean with the belt hanging down from the side :) it doesn't matter the animation, it would be nice to see it in-game first
  8. I'm requesting the MK46 Mod 0 without the box mag and with the bipod forward extended
  9. bogart

    ASR AI Skills

    ok thanks, I will give it a try :)
  10. bogart

    ASR AI Skills

    Hi Robalo, I'm working on insurgents ambush missions which are impossible to play with asr ai as when I engage the first group the second one at 500 meters away, engages me, while I would like them to remain there so that when Bluefor and Opfor will spot each other it will be a second ambush. could you please release an asr ai version for ArmA 2 which won't react if I shoot from 800 meters away but max from 450? Thanks Matt
  11. thanks for your exhaustive answer, one of them should work surely I managed with the fourth case: in Blufor put: and in a trigger:
  12. Great! it works really well, now I can release my mission :) I didn't find anything about it, do you perhaps know how to create a trigger zone where AI can't hear gunshots? I have 2 enemy groups, about 500 meters away from each other, I want that the second one doesn't engage me when I'm fighting with the first one. The extended AI engagement ranges is caused by Zeus AI but I don't want to remove it as it makes the game really realistic. thanks
  13. bogart

    Formation bug

    I know what staggered column means but if you don't put any enemy ingame you'll see that the staggered column for arma is a normal column with more space between one soldier and the others, however the bug appears with other formations too. The main issue is that after OPFOR is dead it takes too much time to see them oriented in the travel direction, 280/300 seconds. If you are patrolling a road and you have 2 groups of enemies, one on a waypoint and one at the next one not very far from each other, in the first case the reaction will be almost real 1 - they don't know where the threat comes from 2 - they go from safe to combat but for the second case 1 - they will move in a really strange way 2 - it seems like they already know that the enemy is there as they remain in combat mode
  14. bogart

    Formation bug

    glad to see that one has joined my cause ahaha nice pictures! you should put them in a feedback ticket, your explanation is better than mine. the first pic is exactly what happens to me! did you see that if you put a timeout of 300 seconds in a waypoint the column will return oriented to the direction of travel as you said?