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  1. I must say im sadden by some of the reactions to Nux's decition to take down the free4all Bec service. IMO this shows that this once great community is about to shift into the realm of children. Remember the fun times we had, free of microtransactions. Cherish and lock away this memory for posterity.
  2. Hey ballou I might be able to answer this, What comes to mind is that in Admins.xml the name of admin mod3 might be happy.
  3. Make sure you have all prerequisite requirements.
  4. You add the difficulty settings to your server.armaprofile
  5. Task kill ends the process immediately with no regards to what the program does. #shutdown gracefully ends the process. @ Inch Im curious as to what server enviroment you are running, virual host or root server? Are you using any custom tools to start up Arma and BEC as services?
  6. @ ltiisidii Sent issue on to developer for debugging.
  7. @Shona You should always use the Bec.lib that follows the latest Bec version, not doing this could cause incompability if there has been changes done. The psutil has been updated in latest version (Bec 1.55) from 0.3.0 to 1.0.1
  8. @Watarimono Glad you figured it out :) @cortez471 Can you try and see if you also have any spaces in your BEserver.cfg on the Rcon line. @ballou #390 Maybe BattlEye on the server is trying to update, if there is a BattlEye update, BattlEye will not update while there are players on the server, it will try and update when the server is empty. Maby this has changed but as far as I know this was how BattlEye behaved in Arma2.
  9. @ ltiisidii Try to manually update your BE client & server files from Battleye.com Also try to compare hash; MD5 or SHA1 to check that your BEC download arent corrupted. Maby also try to get Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 Redistributable Package. Though 2010 should be backwards compatible.
  10. @cortez471 @Watarimono Only thing I can think is that this is not BEC related, it could be something with your startup parameters. Check out post #55 trough #58 and see if you get any closer to a solution. If error persist, post here or email us (support@ibattle.org) your parameters and configs so we can try to reproduce it for future reference.
  11. I suggest you try to log on with BERcon and se if u can connect, then try and get BEC started up from cmd and look for errors. The install and configure guide have a how-to for it.
  12. BEC is a server application not a Rcon. From http://ibattle.org/; All you need to make it connect is in the [bec] block of the Config.cfg
  13. When updating always copy the Bec.exe and Bec.lib files.
  14. Your bepath in your .bat script is commented out, remove the :: and check the path.
  15. From changelog in v1.47.1. When the --dsc switch is enabled, BEC will ignore all config values except the ones in the [bec] block, unless the IP is set to, meaning the BEC is running on the server. As far as i know this is done in case two or more BEC's are connected to the same server with different config values, witch would cause problems. If you run BEC remotely, it will mostly have logging capabilities. The best way is to get BEC installed on your server.
  16. Make sure U have all requirements. No it is not possible to download previous versions.
  17. It is working as intended :), this is the way the global banlist protects your server. The player was detected using a hack by Battleye and banned by BEC on another server running a [reporter] account. When he then joined your server, BEC on your server checked his GUID against the global banlist and banned/kicked him from your server as BEC is supposed to do.
  18. I also think this should be moved to the multiplayer forum, since it's main objective is to improve the server-admin experience.
  19. Sup@hKing

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    Thank you for testing it out, something is definitely wrong at our side then sorry for the debackle. Strange that it was only on that particular mission version, I would say that it could be a bad download from my part, but ive checked that first thing. Yust for comparison, your server on windows or linux and version 1.59?
  20. Sup@hKing

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    That is easy, I yust end Takistan 3.03.b4a with taking out HQ with the engineer AT and the server locks with the error. (It also happens when playing a normal game, thats where we noticed it.) ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\__cur_mp.Takistan\Server\Server_PlayerDisconnected.sqf not found. Gonna try on a fresh serverinstall tonite and see if there is any change. If noone else have this error then the fault must be at us somewere.
  21. Sup@hKing

    Gossamer's Warfare --- Variant of Warfare BE

    The error only happens with Takistan Version 3.03.b4a and is 100% repeatable, had to put previous stable Takistan version on server to stop this crash from happening. Did not notice if this was an issue before patching the server to 1.59 though.
  22. Sup@hKing

    programming controls

    You have to remove turn left/right (Or maby another similar air function. Been so long ago since i did this) before applying pedal right/left, if both are set it wont work quite as well. Remember to always plug in your Yoystick before starting up Arma 2, or else the buttons wont work. If you forget this, yust restart the game with the stick connected, and the buttons you configured should apear. But if you edit any keys before restarting, they wont, and you have to start all over again. Also remember to properly shut down the game, the first time, after editing your buttons, alt+F4 is a no no. A tip is to make a backup of your profile after you have configured your keys. So if anything should come out of place you can yust put the backup back and have your buttons set. To target you can "right click mouse" on target to lock, or use "TAB" to browse trough targets. GL on you setup, yust play around with your buttons and get familiar with the functions. Its a win-win scenario :)