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  1. Hey! Is there any news about the AI finally grew up and can clear a house alone topic? :) It's interests me a lot. And my other question is that is there any solution to stack up my guys into a sticky a 'room clearing' column behind me? I tried multiple time to order them in column, stand up position, but when i enter a building, either they simply do not follow me and they start to wander around a building, or came in later, and it's very annoying. The R6 Raven Shield or the Swat 4 did it absolutely good..
  2. karatekid

    World War II Units

    Good job! But is there any chance to remove the flags/unit insignias? Currently they look absolutely unrealistic and kill the immersion :/
  3. karatekid

    TAC Vests

    I think i found a bug(s) The RRV with plate protects also from the behind(Im using the Sparfell patch so it should correct if im right) where there are no plate at all. Is it a chance that you will fix it, or should i write to Sparfell, maybe he can fix it? :D Sorry for my english.
  4. Thanks for your reply! I was just looking for a way, how could i set up an autonomous room to room building clean waypoint collection for the AI but, i should've remember that we are talking about the Arma engine.. But if you have any idea for it please let me know. And my other question is that is it any chance that in the future if we click on a building it shows instead the buildingpositions the actual 'ground plan' of the building(where are the rooms/doors etc.)?I think it wouldn't be a bigger 'cheat' than the current system.
  5. Hey Madcheese! 1) Your mode is fantastic! I always loved the Swat and the Rainbow series and now i can play them in the armaverse, but (here comes the 2).. :D ) 2)Maybe i'm a dumbass, but how can i set up multipe waypoint in a building? In planning mode i click on a building when 1 selected a unit.Ok.After it it gives default the house icon and set to buildingpos0, but after where should i point&clic with to give "another house icon" like the first one? Sometimes i can do some magic random clicking and get another houseicons(so the WP is inside the building) sometimes not.. Most of the times it give to my guy a "normal"."outside" waypoint (i mean i can't select the buildingpos blabla) i hope you understand and forgive my english..
  6. karatekid

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    I think i found a couple bugs.(Patched to the latest version ofcourse) The Willys jeep has no sound while i drive If i turn out the Tiger I.-s engine, it still plays the idle sound The turret rotating sound of the Tiger I should sound like an electromotor, not the current one. The Tiger I-s machinegunner doesn't uses he's machinegun (against US forces, but they were set up to be hostile against Blufor.)
  7. karatekid

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    Hy! I'm also struggling to find the crate&the gun at the judgement night mission, i think i literally checked every m^2 of the circle where it should be, but nothing :/ I've checked two video on the YT-n, in both of them the stuff very under a bush near the tower, but i can't find there nothing. I've just readed that the CBA shouldn't be active too? I run the Dragonfyre soundmod and the CBA, i thought none of them can be a problem.. :/ So someone could write in a spoiler where should be the rifle? And i could check if it's there or i've a bug :O (because of those 2 mods) BTW these campaign has the same quality of the official, if not better! ;) Sorry for my english!
  8. Thanks it works! But for what... This could be a very good mod/conversation but ehh.. I installed the Warmod 1.4 also but withe some US vests i get very strange animation glitches, and when i put down a german squad almost all of them started to report that they have no ammo.. :/ It still needs a lot of bugfixing..
  9. Hi Guys! I hope that someone can help me I tried to set up things like written on the 61. Page but i get stuck I own the A3 and the IF44&the DLC A3 runs fine, i installed the IF, checked the version 1.05 ok, ran the converter, downloaded the mods, put them into the right folder, i loaded them in the right order but when i start the A3 with the mods i get some error message ...tripog bag cannot be loaded... and a lot of other kind of errors when i try to load anything.I checked the Arsenal, the stuff are there, but without textures or messed up. I stopped here Should i continue the patching (and it's normal, and the patches gonna make the errors gone) or i f**ked up something? Thanks for the answers and sorry for my grammar..
  10. Congrats on the release guys! Is that possible, that you can make the switches actual working(I mean if i toggle the Battery,then the switch is turning)?
  11. @Delta Hawk: Cool, can't wait to try them! @Laquesha:No,i'm just a big fan of this movie, and always wanted a unit with this camo( i think you gonna recognize it) http://www.marcomo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/rock-1996-07-g.jpg (215 kB)
  12. Don't you plan to make some urban BDUs? http://www.qmmuseum.lee.army.mil/mout/urban_warrior7.jpg (162 kB)
  13. Ehh,maybe i missed something, but what about the Chris Kyle missions? You have started to work on them months before the TF42's.:confused:
  14. Thanks for the answer,can't wait to play with them! After them i would be very happy if somebody would make a couple of Russian missions(Osetia,Chechnya,A-stan, or dagestan) I can see before my eyes the russian hostage freeing missions with BMP-s,PKM-s and RPG-s hahaa
  15. And what happened with Chris Kyle(Spielbergs new star :D ) You have started much earlier,but still nothing,or did i miss something?
  16. You can do it in the A2 too :D
  17. I have a Lite version,and i can't find the betas tab at the properties.Why can't we update the Lite for the RC version?
  18. karatekid

    Soldiers appearance. Important!

    Eric L. Haney wrote in his book,that there were only a few american football type big guys,and the most of them were normal or skinny but very fit and persistent.
  19. karatekid

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Maybe the green uniform of the HRT?
  20. karatekid

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    MTek FAST T3C maybe?
  21. I'm going to buy a new pc for A3 I thought about an i5-2500k with an SAPPHIRE HD7850 or an GTX 660 with 8g ram and of course with an SSD I'm playing at 1366x768 resolution(My monitors native resolution..) How well would it run?
  22. karatekid

    Headgear and Glasses Pack

    Yeah Bink you are awesome! Please make the Airframe and the fancy 4 tube NVG.(If you need some inspiration check the last 30minutes of the Zero Dark Thirty,pretty good)
  23. karatekid

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    A star wars mod with Rebels and Stormtroopers :D
  24. Crap 'til this time,my rig is the worst..I have to start worrying(and of course buy a new monster..) :(