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    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    One might be able to simulate melee attack with just a distance and damage --- for example if zombie is closer than one meter to the soldier add some damage to the soldier and play some animation of the zombie. I don't know the exact mechanism of this mod. If I can help in any way with WICT let me know.
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    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    Since you are talking about several factions and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. feeling I have to suggest some changes in WICT. Since I made only 13 factions and that part is embedded in FSM, which I don't have time to tweak (and by the time I made it for the first time I didn't think about dynamic classes) here is the workaround for anybody that wants to make such mission. Those classes http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Classes can be used with different setups. What I mean is that infantry could be replaced with Psy dogs for example and winged aircrafts could be replaced with Pseudogiants on enemy side --- in other words, you can make different kinds of zombies (I know there is no Pseudogiant 3D model for A2). What I'm saying is that those WICT's classes can be used to spawn different factions and different kinds of zombies to make dynamic environment. Cheers
  3. Wow man, you are mixing some serious stuff...... :confused: And you need to know editor and scripting just a little bit before messing with WICT (I mean tweaking stuff) :D 1) There is no problem with Duala or any island so far (that I've tested). WICT is working good with all islands and problems with briefing are not problems with WICT :) 2) If you start it from editor, example GameLogic, it will be activated on mission start and you ONLY have Humvee -- what did you expect??? :confused: and you have all weapons, 2 of each kind, 8 magazines and 1 of each equipment...... The configuration is ok! Please read the manual, man -- it says in syntax #6 -- cargo classnames array -- ARRAY OF STRINGS #7 -- side "west","east","all" -- STRING #8 -- use Universal Crate Filler, true/false -- BOOLEAN #9 -- game "all","arma","oa","baf","pmc","user" -- STRING #10 -- refill true/false -- BOOLEAN #11 -- weapons(amount) -- NUMBER #12 -- magazines(amount) -- NUMBER #13 -- equipment(amount) -- NUMBER http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Supply_drop 3) You have to delete that GameLogic or to remove the line from init.sqf and to make a trigger that is called by radio.... 4) How do you mean it kills soldiers? None of the testers had ever experienced such bug before. 5) Norrin revive respawn scrip IS MADE for Multiplayer, not Singleplayer and WICT is made to work with F2 framework that has Norrin's Revive build-in. The soundcfg problem you have is because I edited Description.ext in WICT_MP, so WICT is compatible with Norrin's Revive in F2.
  4. Or it could be missing AI center?!? If you are using loader you have to put dummy groups or put (something like) this in init.sqf // Creating all centers, so you don't have to place "dummy" units WEST = createCenter WEST; EAST = createCenter EAST; GUER = createCenter RESISTANCE; CIV = createCenter RESISTANCE; /* Making friends ? :) nooo, enemies */ WEST setFriend [EAST, 0]; EAST setFriend [WEST, 0]; EAST setFriend [GUER, 0.2]; GUER setFriend [EAST, 0.2];
  5. I think that example would be something like this: null = [this,"trig1","once",0,0,"[b][color="Red"][group this, getMarkerPos "GKB_guer_obj3a", 15, 0] spawn CBA_fnc_taskDefend[/color][/b]"] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; You put it between quotes for init line for a leader. Nice finding btw.
  6. :confused::confused::confused: you need some addons for duala mission, and hornet's nest is standalone, so it should run the same on any PC... yes, you have v7.0+ with lots of templates!!!
  7. You cannot, at least not like that. Although WICT can use F2 COIN system http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/COIN But you can use Warfare module with WICT and here is one interesting tutorial http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/how-to-setup-the-arma-ii-warfare-module yes you can by using Murklor's script I implemented in WICThttp://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_spawning
  8. You missed the first page here, where it says that WICT has a homepage = online manual. But here is the link : http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/World_in_Conflict_Tool_for_ArmA2_Wiki http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Creating_a_new_mission_1-2-3_steps#Creating_new_mission WICT is not a mod, but package of scripts (tool) that you put in the mission you are making.
  9. Zapat what about tweaking masterClassSpawn.sqf, more exactly the _groundloc = [_groundloc,0,20,20,0,45*(pi / 180),0,[],[_safepos]] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; First number is distance from nearest object. Maybe it is error with BIS function. You can test it if you put _groundloc = getMarkerPos WICT_wb; so it always spawns at marker. I don't think that spawning at marker is what stops WICT from working. What I have experienced is that sometimes it can happen that whole process jams for a while, but I never had problem in my missions with safepos...... ---------- Post added at 12:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:51 AM ---------- WICT v7.0c+ Thanx to Shad0wCatcher's tremendous effort we got templates for WICT. Readme is included already for proper installation for folks. Faction list as follows: -- BAF Woodland / MTP / Desert DPM vs Insurgents / Russia / Takistani Army -- USMC vs Insurgents / Russia / Takistani Army -- CDF vs Insurgents / Russia / Takistani Army -- All include ACE and Non-Ace versions http://www.mediafire.com/?0bsqrabebzfxyr3 http://rapidshare.com/files/454464642/WICT_v7-0c_.zip ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ New tutorials: Ambient artillery http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Ambient_artillery Checking tasks status http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Ultimate_tasking#Checking_task_status
  10. In other words this is final working version, right? (don't have to answer if it's positive ;))
  11. Quite contrary, it is easy to pass it to the leader (thus to whole group).... 1) Open masterClassSpawn.sqf. 2) 174. and 175. line for west side say: /* Executes _AI script */ call compile format ["_Unit1 doFSM [""WICT\AI\%1.fsm"", [0,0,0], _Unit1];",_AI]; 3) Replace it with this : if ([color="red"]WICT_eb[/color] == "none") then { null=[_Unit1,[color="red"]WICT_eb[/color]] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; } else { null=[_Unit1,"any-default-[color="red"]east-base[/color]-marker"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; }; 3) For east side look lines 323. and 324., same text. 4) Replace it with this : if ([color="red"]WICT_wb[/color] == "none") then { null=[_Unit1,[color="Red"]WICT_wb[/color]] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; } else { null=[_Unit1,"any-default-[color="red"]west-base[/color]-marker"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; }; It will execute it on leader (_Unit1) for given side and look if there is know WICT base (from opposite side, of course) that is currently spawning units and it will send that group there. Cheers
  12. masterClassSpawn.sqf has this line 2 times : /* Executes _AI script */ call compile format ["_Unit1 doFSM [""WICT\AI\%1.fsm"", [0,0,0], _Unit1];",_AI]; for West and East, respectively. You can add/replace that with similar line that will be UPSMON command, but I am not familiar with that. You are asking me how UPSMON works, but I don't know :( _Unit1 in this example is leader of the group and it simply executes that line with some argument. E.g. _Unit1 doFSM ["WICT\AI\infantry2W.fsm", [0,0,0], _Unit1]; (scripts use that argument through templates, but that is not important here, it is just example how masterClassSpawn.sqf sees it...)
  13. @MWPA can you give me short example of UPSMON command? It should go in master class spawn sqf. You just have to use existing classes and add amphibious vehicle to setup. The front in WICT is designed to follow you around! :) It is not so aggressive -- long ago I implemented interesting feature ----- if you don't want some units to be deleted just give them name, in the editor or when spawned ;) The rule is this --- as long there is a unit with the name in the group, that group will be skipped for deleting and global assault. I suggest you to increase spawn distance if you want spawning to be less obvious -- but again front is designed to follow you around.
  14. Your idea is brilliant, I can say from the start. You will have a lot to do. It is somehow similar to Marshal of Savannah, I spawned predefined missions and WICT was making warfare in the background. 1) I am not quite sure what you are asking. WICT has its own system for clearing units, so after you add those units if they are "near enough" to the players' average position they won't be deleted. 2) I am not familiar with UPSMON and how AI works. Please do find how does it governs AI -- is it SQF or FSM? WICT doesn't have any script that runs continually, but it gives waypoints to the groups and then ends. Therefore >>> any script that augments AI will do just fine with WICT. Those units will follow new orders and cancel WICT-AI-orders...... It depends on what you want to accomplish. I hope I helped, Cheers
  15. @verde13 1) it is not, since script is running in the background 2) yes, spawning takes place only after the entire group dies @CaptainBravo Try this one in the init string of Murk spawn http://wicta2.wikia.com/wiki/Units_in_Buildings e.g. null = [this,"triggername","reset",5,0,"[i]your-string-goes-here[/i]"] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf";
  16. Notepad++ helped me a lot with brackets, since it can recognize C, C# and C++, and I love nice clean coding. Take your time Shad0wCatcher
  17. @Brockstar and Shad0wCatcher "WICT v7.0c SP/MP initialized successfully" will pop up only if you have DEBUG mode ON...... If you don't have text that means, indirectly(!) that common user has error in config, under assumption that such user didn't change any coding. What you need to get is hint message about number of groups and bases that are recorder, so my guess is that you maybe didn't start WICT -- initialization and actual starting WICT are two different things. It could be missing , or [ ] or even ; in configuration, although you should get an error message if you are tracking them. @Shad0wCatcher What is the problem? You are quite good in operating with WICT "terminology" and you understood basics correctly, but what kind of error do you have in configs? :confused: The "format" is simple : variable = [ [array1], [array2], [array3] ]; I don't see how can that affect anything, unless you missed something in syntax. I won't be able to test your templates (there are several reasons I won't explain here), so please let me know when you upload stable version, I will wait with official release until then. BTW than again for such effort the list of units and combinations you gave is quite impressive! Cheers
  18. @JB1528 it spawns around you, but you can specify the distance, in other words it can spawn on the whole map. And they dynamically fight for territory!!! Look the video #4 on Youtube @Shad0wCatcher THANX MAN, I will take a look today/tomorrow and make new release ASAP.
  19. I don't know... :( It is maybe worth trying, no?
  20. You can name a trigger in the editor and sync the waypoint when the group is created, I guess. I will check that solution and write you a code when I get home. coming soon
  21. Definitely MWPA it is a good method and you got it right --- increasing spawn distance will give you fantastic battles, they won't be obvious right on the start, but sure they will be wild after some time. Just be careful with "remove" distances -- make them match spawn distance. I did something similar for Marshal of Savannah. Now start asking questions :D @Shad0wCatcher I will wait for your templates, then include them in release, and in mean time I will finish tutorials for v7.0c (for additional stuff). Thanx to you we will soon have <5 min WICT setup for any map and A2/OA/CO :)
  22. I don't advise you to put AT units in plain infantry, because there is separate AT, and if you do that you will make it more unbalanced. As I created it support, specops, AT squads and snipers are separate groups, which is connected with spawning and throwing dice to see what will be spawned. And I really didn't understand the part with vehicles. WICT offers you making convoys which doesn't even exist in the editor as a group... You can put 3x trucks and 30 units and they will all be in those trucks. If you want to make it balanced stick to classes WICT has, because base configuration aka. base type determines what will be spawned, so if you have AT units in plain infantry squad, what do you need AT class for? Although... you can put one AT in regular infantry, but e.g. 3x AT in AT squad, which is something different. Cheers
  23. Hi Wolffy.au, nice to meet you again. Are you interested in using WICT in your module? With new v7.0c battlefields are generated even if player is not present, so it kind of matches your needs. Shad0wCatcher wants to make templates, therefore integrating would only require placing bases on the map and using right template. East/west factions will fight even if players are not present and they will conquer bases.Zapat also had interesting thoughts, and when he returns, we can further randomize places where battles take place when players are not around. Let me know what you think. Cheers, ArmAIIholic
  24. ArmAIIholic

    Isla Duala

    Thanx IceBreakr for wonderful island and, in advance, for new update. I know you keep track of missions created on your islands so here it is : [COOP15] Marshal of Savannah [sandbox A2 Isla Duala] 15 mercenaries slots -- a simple assault rifle, grenadier, medic, marksman or balaclava... 5 full scale missions and plot + 6th mission that is practically open ended. Powered by new WICT v7.0c which create all warfare around you. Don't be Rambo --- you need to survive here!!! Difficulty is increasing gradually. All support you need --- tactical airlift focused on deploying resources and material in mid-flight, each support type has time penalty -- combine them wisely + Black Hawk transport. Artillery is at your disposal at any time --- annihilate enemy or just make your way through enemy lines. Norrin's revive script --- you have 60 sec to revive your teammate. Occasional civilian life and patrols. Time shifts --- enjoy the beauty of Isla Duala, both during night and day! I already spoke with Maltti, and if he is interested those two MP missions can be merged. My all codings are open for anyone to look and tweak. Just stick to WICT's copyright ;)