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  1. SpectreTim

    Project RACS

    Thanks to wld for his hard work on his PRACS forces, we really appreciate it. I know that this Pegaso BMR will definitely hold its own against anything Opfor can throw at it.
  2. I specifically remember going over this topic multiple times when talking about just the Merkava and the MATV. (That doesn't count the arguments I missed that covered other various vehicles, weapons, etc that I didn't see/ purposefully forgot that I read because I wasted how many minutes of my life on an argument that has no basis at this point in time.) Have the people that have been complaining the loudest over the past year, ever stopped and considered that maybe these are just placeholders that BI is using right now and they will show us more of what they have done when the game is closer to completion. I mean, why would they show us a half modeled jet that hasn't been textured yet, or a tank that is still in the design stages because they want to get the tank just right for this time period. So many posters act as if BI should be showing us everything that they are planning, but I personally think it would be better to get some surprise when I open up the editor and check out all the things that they left out, just so we would be surprised. There is also a lot of time left before the game is released where BI can introduce to new technology and weapons. Just have a little patience
  3. SpectreTim

    Project RACS

    Looking great! I really like the implementation of your new Special Operations Vehicle. It really sets your Recon and Commando elements apart from the rest of your troops. Have RACS looked at picking up any MRAPs at all, or do they not have a need for them at this time?
  4. SpectreTim

    Project RACS

    Really liking the updating on this tank. Great work as usual. Maybe this will give you a bit of a smile... :) wld why u use IE? everyone knows that chrome or firefox r bettr, i believe most chrome and firefaux users would agree with me. plzandthxinadvance Once again, top notch work!
  5. SpectreTim

    Are you going to upgrade because of ARMA 3?

    Yeah, i have been saving up my pennies for probably 8 more gigs of RAM and maybe a SSD. We shall see though
  6. SpectreTim

    Development Blog & Reveals

    you might be right, i thought the placement was a bit strange for anything within the cockpit. too bad we can't make out much detail of the pilots in this pic.
  7. SpectreTim

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I believe those are street lamps right above the guy's helmet and it looks like they are being reflected off the right side of the helo's windshield. But i wonder what the light source is on the other side of the cockpit, above the pilot's head. http://www.bistudio.com/images/stories/blogs/developer/light/Lighting_2.jpg
  8. SpectreTim

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    So i just checked a translator, and i am pretty sure that IceBreakr is Lingorian for "Hero!"
  9. SpectreTim

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Really liked the look of the what seemed to be netting with foliage in it on the helmet
  10. SpectreTim

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    What is up with people ripping on Arma 3 when it seems they know literally nothing about it other than the 20 or so teaser pics they've seen? It seems to me that if you think that BIS has already shown everything they are going to develop and the game is ready to go, with the main, and only weapons in the game are the Merkava, the F-2000, the F-35 and the L-159. Then I am guessing that you also think that Arma 3 teaser trailer where actual humans (not computer generated soldiers) laser designate a tank and an airstrike tries to take it out is also in-game footage. The least you could do before you go on a rant is get up to speed on all the new information and then also maybe think for at least 2 seconds. Because after that, hopefully you would see that BI has only showed us a little taste of what will be in-game. If you can't see and understand that IMO you would be better off not wasting our time with your pointless posts.
  11. SpectreTim

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    The thing is, a lot can happen in 22 years, if Iran starts to receive heavy funding from China or other countries and many NATO countries are falling on hard times, what is so far fetched about Israel and Iran striking a deal where Israel will sell off some military blueprints in exchange for Iran bypassing an invasion of Israel and abiding by Israel's neutrality. While Israel has nukes, i can see how a compromise could be made. No one wants to start a nuclear war, if Israel launched a warhead at Iran, they may as well launch a second one strait up in the air and back down on themselves. Because the way it sounds, Iran has gained a few strong friends by 2021 and these friends of Iran would almost definitely retaliate in Iran's defense. With NATO's ranks thinning, is it so far fetched for Israel to strike a deal so they can live to fight another day? Besides, has BI actually said that Opfor is going to use the Merkava, APC, Weapons, MATV, or are they just showing us the types of camo patterns or weapons... etc, that will be used on Iranian/ Opfor vehicles without spoiling the actual vehicles and weapons they have in mind for Iran.
  12. SpectreTim

    Israel in ARMA3

    ah. well done. have we gotten any info on the status of northern Africa, or was that your decision to make them all part of the arab league.
  13. SpectreTim

    Israel in ARMA3

    Israel isn't on the map you linked to. It would be situated off the bottom right corner of the map a little ways.
  14. SpectreTim

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    Being on the subject of the MBT. Has BIS actually confirmed that the Merkava is the primary armor for both factions, or is that just the conclusion that the community has come to because of the teaser pics? I am actually asking, as i haven't see anything confirmed about that.
  15. SpectreTim

    Slatts AUG pack

    Looking good Slatts! I really like the look of your para version, it seems to be coming together nicely.