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  1. I've posted about this before in other threads, but some 4 patches later, nothing has changed and I'm losing patience. Again, since about 3 or 4 patches (by my estimation) there was a loss in overall performance, which is already unacceptable, but there was the loss in MP performance, and also ever since I'm unable to do any kind of mission making because there seems to be some kind of memory leak where in entering loading phases chips away at the performance until the game grinds to a screeching halt. Obviously when editing missions you have to do a lot of loading to check placement and test the mission etc. AI also seem to drag on performance more than ever. Previously we could play missions on a listen server with fairly high counts and plenty of scripts going on. Now dropping two ai units down in the editor (or using a mod like MCC) and playing makes the game drag. In MP with a complete mission, we might get 30 minutes of barely acceptable frames (read: high 20s - i use the term "acceptable" loosely) until it gets ridiculously slow. Forget about loading subsequent missions without restarting the client. The want isn't even that great - I'd be happy with ~ 40 fps as long as it was somewhat consistent. I'd settle for mid 30s. But when the game is routinely dropping into 20s or even the teens, it's beyond a joke. All this has made it virtually impossible for us to play on anything other than dedicated servers running low impact missions - removing nearly all the utility and fun i get out of arma. The lack of clear response from BI on this and matters of performance in general is infuriating. Putting salt on the wound is there is no clear indication as to WHY this has happened. Theres no new graphical effects, no new textures, etc. The only thing I can think that was a major change was the sound re-work but I doubt this has anything to do with it. Its further infuriating that many die-hard fans on this forum display a willful ignorance of the problems. I won't post PC specs because I know it will be used to conveniently handwave away why these problems happen - dancing around the fact that this wasn't an issue a handful of patches ago.
  2. icehollowpoint

    EUSOC - European Special Operations Group

    If the amount of gear that you have proposed is going to be made, it will be used by EVERYONE.
  3. icehollowpoint

    Performance regression with 1.46

    Ive had performance regression since about 3 patches ago. Another week, another update, no signs of improvement.........
  4. icehollowpoint

    [COOP] Digital Infantry Combat Environment

    probably something broken by the latest BI patch don't worry, im sure kush has something new in the near future as ACE3 has been released
  5. everyone I know playing has this now. combined with what seems to be a memory leak after playing for an hour or so, getting any enjoyment out of this game is hard.
  6. No, this is hand waving over the fact the last few patches have brought on a precipitous drop in performance - that has NOTHING to do with AI, islands or scenario design. It absolutely is to do with the optimization, otherwise why would it have gotten WORSE? Its not like I'm some freak issue either, mods such as breaking point have opined that they had to drop their player counts on all servers because of the drop in performance. Again, this is not a change in island size, AI count or scenario design, or the fabled "poorly optimized mod" when the only thing that has changed, is the bloody patches.
  7. icehollowpoint

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    How bout those of us who up until a few patches ago could run the game fine, and now it runs like a hunk of shit despite no appreciable change in graphics
  8. again though, not to sound like a broken record but even if they cant improve performance, WHYYYYY are they making it WORSE??
  9. That doesnt solve anything my game runs almost exactly as bad on low settings as it does on high settings. One of the many infuriating thing about arma is that nothing you do outside of turning off AA or lowering resolution actually improves frames, or hurts it for that matter. Turning everything to low might get me 1-4 fps more, and make the game look like a hot mess. Bohemia still hasn't commented on why the last few patches have hurt performance so badly despite featuring no graphical upgrades.... It was fine just a few patches ago....
  10. icehollowpoint

    What can I do to improve performance?

    Unfortunately you can't do shit until BI decides to actually do something about the performance issues endemic with this game. Almost everyone is in the same boat as you at the moment. I know many people who straight up stopped playing because of the performance loss from the last few patches. the only thing i can suggest is turning AA off completely.
  11. icehollowpoint

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    If I had known there was going to be a 6 month period where my game was unplayable simply from regular patches I literally wouldn't have bought ArmA. I won't be buying any future BI titles including dlc or expansions unless this shit show gets turned around and soon. Its one thing to not know how to extract more performance out of a flawed engine, understandable that would be if they just honestly said "we can't", its another thing entirely to have the performance get WORSE at the hands of the devs and then come onto the forums only for the sycophants to tell you its mods/missions/your computer and couldn't possibly be BI mistakes.
  12. i followed all the steps but i cannot find the arma3LP.exe anywhere, where exactly is it meant to appear after using the LPmanager?
  13. THIS BI please understand. Your games number one issue, is, and always has been, PERFORMANCE. Everything else is trivial compared to this. when its gotten to the stage that a computer that ran arma perfectly adequately before can drop below 30 fps doing absolutely nothing and not even in MP, its a piss take. The lack of developer address or acknowledgement on this issue is also infuriating. Literally at the point where if there was an easy way for me and my friends to downgrade arma to 3 or 4 versions ago, I'd do it in a hearbeat. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about mods, servers and missions designed to work with these broken builds : )
  14. icehollowpoint

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    what i want to know is what is BI doing that they make the performance WORSE and is it really necessary? I hope I'm starting to sound like a broken record because this is unacceptable. Deathlyrage over at breaking point said something like they have lost 42% performance with the latest stable, leading them to drop 100 player servers down to 75 player servers. In a game that could be at best described as "struggling" before intervention, it is really unacceptable to make the performance worse, especially when there is no tangible change for it. I could understand if some new graphical feature was added, but theres not. I could understand if all the models and textures in the game suddenly got a HQ makeover, but they aren't. So what is it then? The new sound system? Holy shit it aint worth it.
  15. icehollowpoint

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    user created content is beyond the point Ive watched my performance get worse on EMPTY missions with the last two patches. and FWIW, we used to play DICE, a very script, mod and AI heavy mission on sangin, an island that is far more dense with custom objects and probably more "unoptimized" than altis or stratis, with 40-50+ fps. Now? The mission is unplayable as every other mission is. Take all the mods out and put nothing but the player down on stratis. Oh yipee, 45 fps, oh wait hello bohemia, now we're down to 35 fps and nothing is happening AT ALL. When the only thing that has changed has been the patches, i KNOW its not the mods or the bloody scripts.