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    Discussing Moderators

    Probably means an infraction but this is my response. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?141533-This-game-is-a-complete-and-utter-failure-and-this-is-why&p=2240567&viewfull=1#post2240567
  2. I'm sorry but the moderators here are incredibly unprofessional, overzealous and defensive of their conduct and BIS products to an absurd degree. To the extent that it has defined this forum's reputation amongst the tactical gaming community. They do far more damage than any troll could. It'd be great if you could look into getting proper community managers in the future when BIS is expanding.
  3. I've stopped. As I said in the thread title. Because the gameplay foer taking islands is identical minus the cinematic dressing. I'm beginning to wonder if you even read the OP
  4. Because this game was boring. See above. And the OP. Wargasm and Hostile Waters have the same features but manage not to make me sleepy.
  5. (minor spoilers) After completing a large multi-mission task and conquering all the islands Once that occured my heart sank. I was literally disappointed that there was more game to play, and I always shirk tiny CoD-length campaigns. The core gameplay is just so boring. Islands that seem to be nothing more than randomly-generated height maps. The same two unoriginal units, as player-controlled and enemy. Every island plays out the same. Approach one of the identikit bases, roll forwards and backwards whilst firing to destory enemy walruses. Get under enemy mantas so they can't lock on. Take out turrets and troops if you're bored. Take out the scrambler/firewall/whatever. Repeat until you reach the command base. The AI is so simple I can picture the code for it in my head. Even the FPS levels are a welcome break from it. Some later missions are more manta-friendly once they're upgraded but it doesn't make the islands go by quick enough for it to be bearable. Having to babysit your teammates, getting stuck on the environment. The thought of having to go through it again just fills me with dread.
  6. Mr Butlertron

    Does an Space sim game with FPS parts in it exist ?

    The creator of Wing Commander is unveiling a new non-MMO, non-facebook space game on the 10th.
  7. Least they could have done is use the M203 crosshair from Arma. As it is cannons are useless except from point blank.
  8. I am a little concerned about how BIS has screwed up the mouse accleration in every game except OFP. They even acknowledge it as an area that needs sorting but it nevers shows in their releases. What mice do they use that makes them change it from every other game out there?
  9. Mr Butlertron

    Does an Space sim game with FPS parts in it exist ?

    I listed them in order of quality. Precursors is amazing for what it is, but all 3 feel kinda lacking in the space combat part.
  10. Mr Butlertron

    Why there are so few reviews?

    No marketing + no review copies = no reviews
  11. Mr Butlertron

    Afterburner (campaign)?

    I'm pressing shift and nothing is happening.
  12. I completed the mission and got an update saying all vehicles will now be built with afterburners. So what am I meant to do with the 8 vehicles already in my carrier that don't have afterburners? Kamikaze them? And like a good little strategist I built up a stockpile of vehicles to deliver to my carrier at a moment's notice. Except they don't have afterburners either. Is there no sell/retire button?
  13. Mr Butlertron

    Does an Space sim game with FPS parts in it exist ?

    Precursors Parkan II Salvation Prophecy
  14. Mr Butlertron

    Destroying Ports?

    Yeah, it's another pointless option. All it does is slow you down when you capture the island.