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    It crashes saying bad serial if I do this... reinforcements works fine stock.
  2. pele93


    I have this exact same issue with a store bought issue of reinforcements, any fixes?
  3. pele93

    Arma 3 and the real world

    Awesome find! Hopefully there's some nice spots to dive around there :)
  4. Is there anyway that we could intergrate something like this? So say certain convoy's will be protected whilst infantry or other convoys are still at risk? DE26ViSOIfQ
  5. Just a few screenshots from having some fun in the editor
  6. I am missing one queens gambit, but I have everything else Operation Flashpoint GOTY edition(I got after losing one of the expansion discs so own 2 copies of ofp), ARMA, and ARMA2, ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead, and ARMA 2 BAF. As well as ofp elite and VBS1 if that counts?
  7. When I use this the overlay is in the middle of the screen and not on the edges:confused: What do I have to do to get it so its only around the edges??
  8. Thanks for the info, I was playing around with it before and it was confusing the funk out of me
  9. _objectB setPosatl [ getPosatl _objectA select 0, getPosatl _objectA select 1, (getPosatl _objectA select 2) + height] Eg _objectB would be object in the previous script posMe.sqf and _objectA would be the object you want to put it on top of say a table named table _objectB setPosatl [ getPosatl table select 0, getPosatl table select 1, (getPosatl table select 2) + 0.8] The height is the height in meters.. Just estimates and trial and error to get the right one for what ever you want to put it on top of...
  10. if you place the waypoint over a building there is a "postion in house tab" just above the timeout conditions which is above condition and it allows you to select a building position. I havn't used it myself but should work, you'll just have to try it untill you find the right building position I guess
  11. pele93

    AI Halo script?

    Invisible landing pad named landspot and have the unit named p1you can do p1 doMove (getPos landspot) Unsure about the unit parachuting at certain height, I've been looking for something like that myself...
  12. pele93

    Chopper Ai stays on the spot

    Just got an idea, not sure if it will help but have you used this assignasdriver as the AI might not recognize it's pilot untill you tell it....
  13. I'm fiddling with bikb files and they are confusing the heck out of me, I like them as I have got it to read out the map co-ordinates of the player's position, I got on working okay using this: (Using LDL's Addon btw, this script just calls a ac-130 to the players location & I'm not sure if I need all the stuff in the script but it looked like I needed it all after looking through BIS' huge scripts.....) in AC130AI.sqf (called via comm's menu) Init.sqf (nothing to do with it jst shows how to add to communication menu) ssmradio.bikb (taken from depbo'd file if you know the target you could probably use the one in game)