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  1. Reading these threads has me very concerned for the very heart of this game ,which is for the game to grow and be a success with its most loyal of gamers the ( OA /O flashpoint gamers) . Now we all know that the richness of these games are not the campaigns not the single or even the multilayer but the editor and modding community and to try to stifle this is really the end of this game and if BI try to do this with A3 well its over for them . Iron front itself has been taken up by members of the modding community and we have seen really more advancement and better game play in free mods like ACE and even Dayz so if they don't get there modding tools out to the community we will see this as a glorified mod and nothing else which will do more harm than good to the community itself.
  2. kcmb

    NO servers

    Sorry for not replying i will check the above and see if thats the case thank you for the feedback
  3. kcmb

    Visitors for Arma2

    Really looking forward to see these new aliens when there done no mater how long it takes. Am glad that SigintArm didnt seem to up set to the response from Roadkill who i think needs to take some chill out time . I don't think us non addon makers mean to try to rush you on with your work , its just armed assault and oa can be a wee bit addictive when it comes to addons and its even worse when you see the dedication that been applied to the addons .so who wouldn't want to add aliens to oa and try to make oa the best wide ranging game out there . so yes us non addon makers can be a wee bit to pushy when it comes to the game but were not being ****holes just a wee bit to keen.
  4. kcmb

    NO servers

    HI there just a wee question concerning my multiplayer it seems every time i put the multiplayer on OA all the severs has a red x beside them! all the other sever's well really only about 3 seem to be green or private Could it be because i have too many addons in or too many mods conected to it. Any help you could give would be great thanks.
  5. kcmb


    Hi there iv'e been following your work for months now it's amazing but like all those greedy peeps on the forums i hate to say it, but whats happenen with it , is it scraped or just on the back burner . i know that life get in the way and if i could do what you do i would but you have real talent and you should'nt waste it by letting this addon collect dust . i hope yours still doing it if so good luck with it .
  6. kcmb

    World Invasion W.I.P.

    Just watched your new vid and was blown away, i have total respect for all the work you guys do on the mods iv'e tried "sorry" still trying with the basics with bis tools and it's hard and if it doe'snt come easy unlike you's guys it's hard work . could you tell where you got the meteor addons from ,i cant find them anywhere .
  7. sorry for the question but what is the line direction for 31st normandy mod for armed assault 2 or do you just put them in the addons and hope for the best lol
  8. kcmb


    Hi there MichelleG I think that it would be great for operation flashpoint to have a Russian TU 95ms6/16 .I have after thought of doing one myself but wasn’t to sure how you the animations, and the art work . so like the other’s out there we leave it to the one’s in the know .I hope that this isn’t one of the add-ons that disappear esp. if you have gotten so far but like I said I haven’t been able to do any add-ons yet but will start to learn cos I understand how much work you Modder’s do. So I hope those in the know help you out in this one because the add-on would be very useful