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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Best to post your issues here mate so they get the attention of the Devs http://feedback.arma3.com/view_all_bug_page.php
  2. This is awesome mate really hope this takes off, nice work!
  3. Not at all, just a little frustrating when you acknowledge im advocating its removal from PvP or TvT games only, then proceed to say I want to force the entire Arma population to use 1st person only. It's a feature that doesn't belong in a PvP scenario.
  4. you will need to be on probably recruit difficulty and a squad leader, make sure your teammates in your squad and select him for orders (F2 or whatever unit he is) then press 2 to assign him a target, now the target should show up with a red circle around it to your teammate. Not sure if this even works, been a long time since I've played on recruit difficulty, seem to recall it working something like that though.
  5. mark him? generally you will need to communicate his position, depending on server difficulty settings.
  6. Did you even read my posts?
  7. Sure, I dont see why people rely on things like this? Do you really think that a slightly impaired sense of awareness compares to being able to see over walls and around corners, spotting enemies without even having to peak.? people can still play coop or sp while learning how to play with all the noob features, that way the game remains accessible for beginners and challenging/immersive for the experienced. Within resonable latency to Australia? there is none. Nobody is saying its not fair, its about gameplay.
  8. Sure removing it from the whole game is a bit too far, it doesnt bother me how other people enjoy the game privately, assumed the OP was a PvP type player. But I think asking BIS to remove it from MP, except for maybe coop, is not all that ridiculous.
  9. Most server admins for whatever reason leave 3rd enabled, its near on impossible to find one with decent PvP settings.
  10. What will that achieve other than putting yourself at a disadvantage? Needs to be forced server side.
  11. yep was one of the first negative things I noticed too, hopefully this will be improved in time.
  12. It's just hilarious when you get on a PvP type server (wasteland etc) and find out you can use tactical view as a squad leader. Dont know why so many people seem to need 3rd person, especially in PvP type games, really does ruin the immersion and damage gameplay.
  13. NevilleBartos

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    I find bursting a few shots on full auto is more manageable than consecutive single fire, strangely.
  14. Yep I believe PhysX is processed on the CPU in A3, regardless of your GPU.
  15. NevilleBartos

    Arma3 Alpha Testing Checklist

    Will go through the list too, nice idea. I'm looking forward to seeing how concealment works at long distance, hopefully we'll see some longer drawing of grass/clutter or a better micro terrain. Or just anything better than what now resembles your head poking out of a green carpet.