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  1. vivadiga

    Advance And Secure

    thxfor porting one of the 2 best pvp missions from arma2 to arma3 i was waiting this since first day when alpha came out^^i already tested this on your server( i guess it was)and worked perfectly cya on battlefield ;)
  2. nice work look great,but my suggestion is if you use only arma default buildings and objects from my point of view you will create another "mini chernarus or takistan" and many buildings are not enterable.on armaholic there are at least 40+ nice maps but for me only maps with custom things can offer something more.for example icebreakr is the creator of some of the best maps (lingor,duala,etc.) and he use to mix many custom things mixed with dafault arma stuff.so i strongly suggest you to give a look at some of the nice buildings and object addons you can find.here an example.. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14828 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15180&highlight=MBG anyway nice job your island already look also realistic keep the work^^
  3. yea my favourite island is almost done thx you r my hero ;)
  4. humanity system?i dont like to be shoot from behind but what you expect in a post apocalyptic world? all humans go on picnic together happily ? i dont think ;)it sound very arcade and this is sandbox, so why our aspect would change if we shoot at humans? its like make a marker over our head saying i'm bad so kill me fast or i kill you,this would break the nice realistic thrilling and scary feeling of the game.maybe some safe camps(where bandits cant join) to store items and having a bit of protection even from zombies would make life easier for non bandits ppl.you can find other way to solve this but pls dont do that.btw is just my opinion and i hope my post help you in any way.thx guys to make this cya in game ;)
  5. love this mod nice work guys^^ i have a suggestion,maybe you already working on it, dunno,would be nice some melee weapons to kill zombies like knife or any object like sticks or shaft.cya in game of course ;)
  6. vivadiga

    Question on FXAA

    ok so every number from 0 to 17, i'm using 17 atm so the max and i must say the effect is very nice and noticeable with no performance(at least not noticeable) loss^^
  7. vivadiga

    Question on FXAA

    correct me if im wrong,the values we can set for fxaa in config are from 0 to 17 ???
  8. someone using windows7 allocator?share your impressions pls ^^
  9. have you installed the hotfix? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=129105
  10. take your pc and do this.. ;)or try clean your pc with advanced system care,use also game booster,try change something in the arma config,in option set default memory and check in config if it is your real quantity of ram.hope can help
  11. thx bis,in these dark days for games you r the real gamers super hero,came here to save us from arcade global virus thx have nice holidays guys ;)
  12. vivadiga

    PedagneMOD A2OA BETA FIX v01

    finalmente ^^grazie ti lovviamo arremba :)= ---------- Post added at 11:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 AM ---------- finally^^ thx we love you ;)
  13. nice news,can't wait to use it with my clan and make cool videos :)
  14. vivadiga

    [CO 36] BattleZone DeathMatch

    i still cant think how can work a coop dm(i should read more in description^^) but i love the idea,ill try it when new vers. will be released. nice move zonekiller and goodluck