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  1. Version 0.7.1 build 0014 New: properly using the connecting cable for the Fara-PV radar. The cable must now be placed in front of the remote control unit or radar. It doen't matter which unit will be connected first. Important! The weapon must be on your back or holstered (UserAction 20). Added: machinegun optical sight SU-260/P Added: TM-62P3 and PMP mines Improved: M249 iron sight Improved: SMAW functionality Improved: SV-98 textures and shadows Improved: PKM/PKP textures and shadows Improved: AK-200/203/204/205 and AK74 KM-AK textures and shadows Improved: RPK74 textures and shadows Improved: SVD textures and shadows Improved: sound supressors textures and shadows Improved: PSU, PK-A, POSP-4x24 etc textures and shadows Improved: SSh-68 textures and shadows Improved: 6B26 and 6B27 textures and shadows Improved: Zhuk vest textures Improved: Chicom textures and shadows Improved: Warbelt textures and shadows Improved: MBAV, SPC and MTV textures and shadows Improved: EMR uniform textures and materials Improved: Kora Kulon shadows Improved: ILBE textures Improved: medical system Fixed: Ural-4320-31 illumination and model Fixed: Convoy S2+ name in Russian Fixed: Kora Kulon radio with SVD loadout Fixed: no jammer on HMMWV Fixed: units icons Fixed: RPK iron sight Fixed: KORD zeroing on UAZ Fixed: multiple stringtable errors
  2. Version 0.7.0 build 0011 Added: Ural-4320-31 Truck Added: Trijicon ACOG TA648MGO-M240 with/without RMR Added: Jammers on KamaZ, MTVR, HMMWV, BRDM-2 Added: Static weapons groundholders Added: SPOSN Tortilla backpack Added: New KamaZ wheels Added: New LAV-25A1 muzzle brake Improved: LAV-25A1 armored reconnaissance vehicle textures and materials Improved: HMMWV M1151 series textures and materials Improved: UAZ 469 materials Improved: Land Cruiser HZJ79 series textures and materials Improved: KamaZ series materials Improved: MTVR MK23 Improved: MBAV vests model and textures Improved: SPC vests pouches textures Improved: MTV vests pouches textures Improved: DH132 helmets textures Improved: NSVS-12.7 on 6T7 with SPP telescopic sight Improved: NSVS-12.7 on 6T7 Improved: KORD on 6T20 with SPP telescopic sight Improved: KORD on 6T19 with SPP telescopic sight Improved: KORD on 6T20 Improved: KORD on 6T19 Improved: M240 static weapon materials Improved: M2HB static weapon materials Improved: MK19 static weapon materials Improved: AN/PRC-117/ manpack digital radio textures and materials Improved: LWH helmets textures Improved: K6-Z helmets materials Improved: ZSh-7V/VS helmets materials Improved: 6b6 helmet materials Improved: 6Sh68 helmets materials Improved: 6Sh68M helmet materials Improved: Boony hats textures and materials Improved: Utility covers textures and materials Improved: ESS Profile NVG googles materials Improved: FROG uniform textures Improved: MCCUU uniform textures Improved: ILBE assault packs textures Improved: AK series textures and materials Improved: RPK series textures and materials Improved: PK series textures and materials Improved: KO-44 series textures and materials Improved: 9A-91/VSK-94 materials Improved: M32 MGL materials Improved: M40 series materials Improved: HRL AT launchers materials Improved: RPG-7/PSRL-1 AT launchers materials Improved: AT4 launchers materials Improved: MRO launchers materials Improved: RPG-26 AT launcher materials Improved: RShG-2 launcher materials Improved: FGM-172 launcher materials Improved: Ammocrates materials Fixed: Toyota textures errors Fixed: KamaZ-5350-379-MM501 MVD numbers Fixed: Static weapons collisions Fixed: russian men names Fixed: M22 binocular doubles Fixed: multiple stringtable errors
  3. Version 0.6.6 build 0046 Added: Surefire X300U-B flashlight Added: Steiner DBAL-I2 laser aiming unit Added: RG-60TB thermobaric hand grenade Added: Adrianov compass Added: Orion GLONASS/GPS navigator Added: VTNphone™ Pro Improved: Hydration Carrier Pack Improved: illumination cartridges Improved: 5.56/5.45 and 7.62 ammo Improved: AI detection and accuracy Improved: stamina Improved: flashlights Fixed: IZh-43 sawed-off groundholder error Fixed: multiple stringtable errors
  4. Version 0.6.5 build 0170 Added: KORD with SPP sight Added: new Toyota wheels Improved: baseball cap EMR texture Improved: Gen I, II and III night vision effects Improved: AN/PVS-4 night scope reticle Improved: IR and visible lasers and flashlights Improved: decreased explosives flash duration Fixed: KORD and NSV muzzle flash shadow Fixed: M40 bipod shadow Fixed: ZSh-7V helmet model Fixed: 6B26 and 6B27 helmets textures Fixed: MTVR textures and rvmats Fixed: UAZ, Toyota, BRDM, LAV, KamAZ and HMMWV rvmats Fixed: ballistic vests and night vision devices stringtables
  5. VETERAN MOD 0.6.5 Dear friends, for reasons beyond our control, we once again had to move our Steam page: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2837399966 We‘re trying to compensate this inconvenience with fresh content. Here is the changelog: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/2837399966 Enjoy it! Version 0.6.5 build 0166 Added: various M16 rifles Added: various М4 carbines Added: M17 and M18 pistols Added: M1152 Ball and M1153 Special Purpose 9mm cartridges for M17/M18 Added: ASM rifle Added: various AK74 in Magpul МОЕ Added: sawed-off MP-43 Added: underbarrel grenade launcher M203 Added: AN/PVS-4 night sight Added: Narukavnik-1 and -2 sights Added: ZT-410 magnifier Added: 6B27 and 6B27M helmets Added: various baseball caps Added: various chest rigs Added: various war belts Added: IR and visible lasers/flashlight functionality(switching by CTRL+L) Added: bigger range ammo for М224 mortar Added: SMAW spotting rifle Improved: M110 and MK11 mod 0/1 rifles Improved: KX3 flash supressor Improved: AN/PEQ-15 Improved: MBAV vests Improved: SPC vests Improved: MTV vests Improved: 6Б23-1 vest Improved: Kora-Kulon vests Improved: 6Sh92, 6Sh104 and 6Sh105 load vests Improved: Eskort-3 vests Improved: BDU uniform Improved: VKPO uniform Improved: DH132 helmet Improved: 6B26 helmets Improved: Peltor ComTac XPI headset Improved: 1P87 sight with 1P90 magnifier Improved: Aimpoint Comp4s sight Improved: BRDM-2 wheels Improved: buckshot pattern Fixed: KamAZ tarps Fixed: wound materials on all uniforms Fixed: fire geometry on all uniforms Fixed: ZU-23-2 inertion Fixed: 2D-sight on ZU-23-2 Fixed: gunner animation on Toyota vehicles Fixed: indestructible headlights on Toyota vehicles Fixed: groundholders Fixed: multiple typing errors
  8. L-3 EOTech G33.STS switch-to-side magnifier SureFire M300C Trijicon RMR Type 2 & Streamlight TLR-7
  9. A small RPG upgrade: - RPG-7V with PGO-7V3 & UP-7V sights + RPG-7V2 - PSRL-1 rocket-propelled grenade launcher, an RPG-7 clone by AirTronic USA with Hi-Lux M4G2 3.5×24 sight.