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  1. Oh another thing I would change is also that especially with the uh-60 when it hovers the tail should be back further
  2. The one improvement I would make is to make the existing vehicles more realistic ex: The uh-60m, it has the wrong rotors, it should have m240h machine guns, should have the color of a olive drab, and lastly the landing gear should "flex" when landing. Also, I would love if they made the setting the southern part of Afghanistan (pretty much like Takistan) and they actually had the Taliban. So in conclusion, I believe that its the little details that make the big difference.
  3. Ok its close enough :), and if you don't mind me asking if it has an airfield. (I love conducting air assaults) ---------- Post added at 02:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 PM ---------- oh and as well Bad Benson are there required addons for your map? If so, what are they.
  4. Hey great addon! (I say this a second time) :). If you are looking for another project I have had the idea of remaking the oa uh-60 and making it much more realistic , ex: changing rotors, making the landing gear "flex", changing the machine guns to m240s, and also changing the color to a green or olive drab. Another idea is making the hh-60m (uh-60m but a medevac) oa made one but it is also VERY unrealistic to those in Afghanistan. This would change: Taking off the refueling tanks and wings, changing the medevac sign to the traditional cross, changing the rotors to a black rotor without the yellow stripe, possibly putting in 2 stretchers , changing the paint job to olive drab, and lastly letting the gear "flex". If you would like to make this a project of yours let me know and I would be happy to help you. :)
  5. This looks great one question though, does this area have a airfield? Oh and also if you are interested in another project you could make Kandahar with the large city and military airfield and possibly even parts of the Helmand Province. Can't wait for the release :)
  6. COLE2

    UH-1 Huey Reskins

    well could he repaint it the olive drab green?
  7. COLE2

    UH-1 Huey Reskins

    I know thanks for the suggestion, but its very unrealistic and there is not any hospital crosses which is what it really is, and im aware that its alot to ask but I have been asking for people to at least try for about a year and all of them have turned me down :( . So if you can't do it I totally understand and greatly appriciate the huey addon.
  8. COLE2

    TSC Mi-8 Pack v1.0

    Hey great addon :) I have a question for you, could you take the uh-60m and reskin/repaint it to olive drab green and replace its miniguns with m240s? Also, if you could make a real uh-60 medevac without the refueling probes and the hospital crosses?
  9. Hey nice addon, can you reskin the uh-60 olive drab green and replace the miniguns with m240s and maybe even replace its sound with a more realistic one along with a medevac one without refueling probes? Thanks for a great addon :)
  10. COLE2

    UH-1 Huey Reskins

    Hey great addon, just a thought could you reskin the uh-60m and make it olive drab green, and replace the miniguns with m240s? Also could you maybe make a medevac version and take away its refuling probes?
  11. COLE2

    Sti UH-60L

    hey stiltman could you get rid of the mini guns put m240bravo machine guns and replace the rotors and also replace their sound? Thank you for a great addon :)
  12. COLE2

    Sti UH-60L

    Hey could you also repaint the OA blackhawk to it's real colors and make a medevac without refueling tubes along with your project?