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  1. All I am going to say to your whole post is this. There are far too many missions being run with horrible scripts. Especially ones that save stats and that spawn items. Because of this, you will always get horrible fps regardless of the number of people. Try running a mission from bis that is included with the beta and add a few people, you will notice its not the same experience. In general, if I play missions (not stratis life or wastelands, etc.., but real missions) this will hardly happen. For some reason it seems their scripts are very badly optimized, as most people edit them without having much thought to performance to suit their wants (after testing on a private server with very limited people, just to confirm this). I don't see how saying its bis fault will change anything, for something that is obviously caused by the mission being run.
  2. Hey sickboy, just wondering if its possible to change the saved password for a server and how? Cant seem to look in the right places for an answer, thanks.
  3. pbishop

    Will ArmA 2/3 ever meet OnLive?

    Pure arrogance. Like saying that everyone over 2000 posts will say something stupid like this and is an idiot, because most do. (Example)
  4. I believe that the sound engine is pretty good at the moment. I think that the proof of this can be found in the great sound mods out there (I tried acex_sm, and jsrs). What I think BIS is missing though is some of the effects that these mods bring to the game. I dont know many people out there that dont play without a good sound mod, and I think this is because the default sounds, while good for most things, just dont add up to what these mods have done. I also think people not using a good sound mod are missing out on something amazing. So I dont think that it is impossible to get the same sounds as some people say in BF, I just think that the way that these sounds are used in the game need a little bit more attention. Using acex_sm and jsrs, when a rocket is fired next to you, its not that its loud, its that the sound comes from over there and its close. I like the way the sounds are in these mods because you get more immersion by using them. So basically BIS should do something where these mods are no longer needed and we can get something similar out of the box. Its not the engine, its the application of the engine. 6XsTR6RYswI
  5. Im going to give a huge +1 to the defend waypoint, this is one that is just rediculous to be missing. The other +1 goes to the helicopter/airplane land waypoint. Its horrible the current way mission makers have to use work arounds in the current system to get the most common results. I think these are the two that we find in most missions that have to be scripted in some way to get the desired results. What I would also like to suggest at the same time, is make it easy to mod the editor in adding waypoint types that are missing. What i mean is, for example, the scripted waypoint is opened in the editor, and you simply choose your script and give it a name and save it. Now the missing waypoints are always available with the attached script that you created in the editor. So something like the land waypoint you created, is now in the editor, you know your script needs an invisible H pad everytime you use it, but you dont have to type the script/command everytime. Just place the waypoint and the pad and give it its name. This would also allow mission creators to customize their most used scripts into waypoints.
  6. pbishop

    Are people stupid or uninformed?

    Ok, and what do you do when it says what it does in that picture? From a newbies perspective.
  7. pbishop

    Are people stupid or uninformed?

    Funny thread. Complaining about people not knowing everything. Like jblackrupert said, its not everyone that knows everything about the game. I mean, who would imagine a server for a completely different and incompatible expansion would show up in their server list. Stupid people? And who would imagine that you get the error messages but the joining party doesnt? It goes by so fast that you dont even see which mod is missing or outdated before you hit the main menu. But then again, the UI for server listings is just so perfect. If your too ignorant to the problems with the game itself to blame it on new players being stupid or not knowing, then just lock your server because ranting here is not going to get you anywhere closer to removing your frustration.
  8. pbishop

    Statistic tracking for arma 3

    thanks :depressed:
  9. pbishop

    Statistic tracking for arma 3

    I dont like the k/d stats, but it think it could be fun to see how many missions i have played and how many times etc... Could be nice also seeing some sort of stat that simply says which faction i played most, which gun, which map, which vehicle without the times or kills. Just some general stats that can be interesting to look at when waiting for a mission to end because I died again. General random useless stats, a source of diversion while you wait, nothing more.
  10. 2 words and a number -> Left 4 Dead
  11. was there some hidden code on the map found in the first hack?
  12. pbishop

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Because its an opinion. Do you know me? are you part of my family? Do we work together? Is your opinion of me based on the fact you are god? Jesus christ, calm down and I retract my opinion. I will keep my opinion for myself. Sorry I posted it here. Had nothing to do with them even hitting it yet. There is still life in the current engine no doubt. You are right, I shall have no new opinions on this forum. Thank you for setting me straight.
  13. pbishop

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    And I find it odd that you havent noticed that the last 3 COD games didnt bring anything new. I love the arma engine, Im just saying that eventually there is a brick wall that will not allow you to do what you want with it. So next time you think im complaining, use your reading eyes and take it as an observation that I was making. Got troll? Thanks bud, keep you a spot at the table for you with your arrogant buddy up there. If I cant express my opinion without being attacked and have to read your garbage, then there is a serious problem here.
  14. pbishop

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    One day they are going to have to kill that engine and move on. Because your statement concludes that arma 2 still has the same engine as OFP but revamped. Pointless to keep moving down the same road. Eventually there is nothing new you can do with it.
  15. pbishop

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I dont know if anyone else noticed this. But using only the yes/no numbers in binary gives 2011 in decimal. Still trying to figure out the multiple choice ones. sorry, just saw wiki was updated.