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  1. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hi Roy , is there still any Chance for a Inv44 Version of Patrol Ops ? ~S~ Rygar
  2. Rygar

    I44 Domination 2 Chenarus

    Hi , 2. Questions i have 1. When will the next Download be ready of this exellent Mission ? 2. Your puplic Server is Passwordprotected , what is the Password ? :icon_rolleyes: Salute Rygar
  3. Hi , i have a Question and hope someone can help me. Is it possible to deactivate the Tinnitus Sound in Arma2? I mean the Sound when a explosion is near the Player (Tinnitus is the perception of sound within the human ear in the absence of corresponding external sound.). The Problem is , i have a real Tinnitus and the Sound in the Game is really violating me , i hope there is a way. I searched in the Pbo´s but find nothing. Thx & Greetings Rygar
  4. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Thx roy86 :cool:
  5. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Sorry to ask again , are there any News about the Inv44 Version ? :rolleyes:
  6. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Any News about Inv44 Version :rolleyes: :)
  7. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Great News , THX!!! Can´t wait for it
  8. Rygar

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hi , is there any chance for a Invasion 44 Version of this exelent Gamemode ? Greetings Rygar
  9. Hi , i have a problem with my Arma2CO Windows Dedicated Server. Is it possible to change the Language of the Server? My problem is , when i play a Warfare Mission on my Game-PC , an i come to the Parameter/Settings Menu of the Mission all Points on the List are in German , but when i play the same mission on the Dedicated Server , all is in english (Like . Town to capture , Mando Missile Addon , and so on..). I hope someone can help me. Greetings Rygar
  10. Thx a lot , but this one i have. My hope was that you have the Takistan Version :(
  11. Has anyone the latest Versions of this Maps ? The Homepage seems to be down. Thx
  12. Hi , will there be a Release/Version for Arma2 Standalone or only for OA/CBA ? Cause i have only Arma2 :( ~S~ Rygar
  13. Thx Icewindo! Last Question , what must i have to do with the 2 Files? Only put in the Addonfolder or must i lauch it as an Mod ? Thx & Salute ! Rygar
  14. When this is possible , it would be great. But i have no Idea to realize this with a Mod , maybe somebody can help ?
  15. I have it since 17 Years !! And make the Sound down can not be the Solution , cause i want to hear other Things (Footsteps , Engines , and so on). Why we can get a Option to disable this ?
  16. Hi , i am looking for a Dominatin Mission on Island Panthera with ACE for Armed Assault2 Standard. Is there any Version out there ? Thx & Greetings Rygar
  17. Rygar

    CO-13 Black out V1-(@31stNormandy WW2)

    Hi , i have a problem. Every time i host the Mission on my Dedicated Server or my own PC all Players have no Weapons after leaving the Glider. And you wrote : -Fixed:Weapons problem in multiplater(Thanks Dimitri) But for me it doesn´t works. Hope you can help. ~S~ Rygar