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  1. WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    Yeah, thanks! I simply has wrong installation... Horses are very exotic element in OFP, I just like it! But spears firing hundreds meters across disappoints a few.
  2. WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    Ok, thanks. And where are horses? I can't find them..
  3. WW1 Mod Expansion Pack Release

    Realistic horses, that can move? Sounds very interesting, thanks for job! But why only Red army soldiers of Soviets, without "Whites", tzar's soldiers, who fought in Europe?
  4. Strenfould island v2.0 addon for OFP

    RapidShare has some incorrect work now, than use mirrors!
  5. Retextured Afghanistan

    It looks very good, man! I heard about caves at this island, but I can't find it..(
  6. Strenfould island v2.0 addon for OFP

    yes, three little addons. thank you for praise, :) But I don't know what to do with lags. Maybe, if I will create some mission or campaign, I will use some 'magic' with visual distance or fog..
  7. Strenfould island v2.0 addon for OFP

    I test this island only with "normal" terrain resolution, maybe some objects have rather height with another resolution.. LT. Drake Jackson, that's right, this is my mistake, but cars don't damage by touch with ground.
  8. Strenfould island v2.0 addon for OFP

    Mi6k.Ghulham, because some trees looks nicely than resistance (imho) and lag less. :) krzychuzokecia, at the beginning I wanted to use less addons, but then I don't think about it.. LT. Drake Jackson, which of the bridges?.. fact is that the bridges has diffirent height at ofp even if I check the same height at wrptool... Than I need to align it "with eye", maybe this problem has only my ofp?..
  9. Strenfould island v2.0 addon for OFP

    Thanks for care :)
  10. Hi all. I would like to introduce to you the final version of my first addon - Strenfould 2. I hope to find the strength to create a campaign on the island at future. Well, then the description of this: Required version of OFP: 1.91; 1.96 is recommented. Addons: Tropa addon, UWAR_grass 1.23b, AGS Industrial Pack Version 2.1, but maybe later versions will be correct too. boutique You may to find it at the Strenfould_full_v2.0.rar at "Addons" folder, this has not too many place, but I cannot find links to some addons. Addon's features: those things that I know as an unique) There are prototype of real place "Noviy Svet" at Krym at the south-east part of island. It is a half of real settlement. By work I had use the Google Earth maps and photos. I tryed to create realistic and beautiful landscape. Someones tell me that I did it! There are such type of places at the Strenfould: steppes, mountains, desert, rocks and etc. But it is difficult to call this an "uniques")) I wanted to make my addon realistic. This is my first addon, please not be a very strict and finally some screenshots: full gallery: http://img197.imageshack.us/g/dxdshot1236190544.jpg/ And now - link to download this addon: http://rapidshare.com/files/409740508/Strenfould_v2.0_eng.rar.html There are changed names of towns to english at this version. Well, I hope you liked it.)) Sorry for bad english)
  11. Looks good, very good! :) I can't imagine, how it is possible to make some thing...
  12. understanding campaign design

    This is description of the roles of troops?
  13. DSF Nuke Scud Update

    swot, do you tried to read the "Readme"? There are usually answers to many questions..
  14. Domcho, for unlimited animation you need to create waypoint with condition "on activation" unit playmove "FXStandDip" and next waypoint "cycle" with timeout in few seconds overthere. To make definite number of push-ups or e.t.c. create a scripts and use a ~ simbol to make time pauses(like RKDmitriyev wrote to you :)) Good luck!
  15. Cat Shit One Addon

    And very good quality! Good job!