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  1. MichelleG


    The projects not dead :) I've been helping my father a lot recently and doing a lot of moving back and forth between my hometown of Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. He was in an accident @ work (Legs were ran over by a tractor-trailer) that's left him unable to walk for quite some time now, and he's only recently been able to get up and move around again on his own. Although I haven't had access to the computer I was using for making it until recently, I have been working on it again lately. The interiors coming along (Although not as bug free as I had hoped), and with my recent acquisition of 3DS Max, the texturing should be easy :) Lets face it, "skinning" in O2 is a b***h :lol: Regardless, as a fallback in case something happens again (God forbid), I've posted all the files for it (As a ZIP, PBO of the unfinished work included) to my DropBox Folder. Seeing as how it has no cockpit yet, I highly recommend boarding in 3rd person view if your going to test it. 1st person has a tendency to CTD.
  2. MichelleG

    Buldozer causes system halt

    I was working on a geomtry LOD, when my screen went to black/red bars ... complete system halt. Checked the Aplication Error logs, saw this: Hardware: Dell GX270, Pentium 4 2.8Ghz, 2 Gigs DDR 400 Ati Radeon HD3850 (AGP) - Catalyst 8.7 w/ AGP hotfix Has anyone else had a similiar problem? I think it's wierd, because I didn't try to preview anything, and honestly wasn't aware Buldozer was even running. I usually close it out, and it starts when I want to preview ....
  3. MichelleG


    If someone could tell me a way to get in touch with either Xenom or the DSF guys, I could probably get permission for their Nuke scripts. (Although a 200kt Kh-55 would be a bit overkill, lol) @Gnat: Speaking of scripts, is it OK if I tear apart your Tu-22M3 and modify your tail gun script?
  4. MichelleG


    Whoops, got my islands confused :o I'm not sure on loadout's quite yet. I was originally planning Kh-55 missiles, but since everyone wants a nice carpet-bomber ;) I might throw in 30 FAB-500's and maybe 2x FAB-9000 (For when you want a really big BOOM!) Here's a chart. I'll let you guys decide :D
  5. MichelleG


    Well, several import problems, 8 hours of O2, and 1 broken wrist later ... an update: I managed to fix my import problems in a rather simple way .... Re-make the whole model in O2 from scratch, lol. I kept the Tailgunner ;) and even managed to pull off counter-rotating props (You might notice that in the pic). Granted, it's the Tu-142, but it's better then nothing, ehh? Small note: This thing needs ALOT of runway length to get off the ground. You can take-off facing south on Nogovo, but North resulted in a splash-down :(
  6. MichelleG


    Fine, I'll keep it then :P I have all the references I need for the interior, plenty of pictures, basic sketch, etc. Also kinda helps I've been inside one >:) All that really needs is a model. There is one thing that's always pestered me though .... What the hell do they call that ugly blue/green paintjob? Ohh, and as to the radar .... Some might get a kick out of the fact that I plan to have it animated using textures from a 1954 Heathkit radar screen I have that STILL WORKS. It was hooked up to a PDP11 for Air Traffic Controllers at one point for Lockbourne AFB.
  7. MichelleG


    I narrowed the problem down a little further, it's actually not Oxygen that's causing the problem. Thanks to an export script from Vektorboson, and an older version of Oxygen2 care of Chops ;), the problem has been the export from Blender. For some reason when Blender exported as 3ds, it would export the faces wrong, and they were overlapping. That is what's been giving me so much grief (And constantly causing Oxy to crash). Now that I'm roughly back on track, I should be able to atleast post a screenshot or two of it actually in the game soon :D Gnat: Why didn't your Tupolev ever get finished? I think I'll actually scrap the turret idea. On a plane this large, some weird things are bound to happen. I can see someone banking to the right, and suddenly the tail gunner is shooting from an aileron. I could use your scripting advice though, I'll send you a PM about it.
  8. MichelleG


    I'm certainly going to try. Most of the projects in my sig are all tied in to it, actually. I've received some outstanding line drawings of it including the interior from a friend of mine who makes R/C ships, and what would be the point without it's Heli's and Rocket support, ya know? The main reason, though, is that the lack of the heavier Soviet/CIS equipment has frustrated me for a little over 7 years :lol:
  9. MichelleG


    Due to certain circumstances lately (Read: Reality, lol), progress has been a bit slow. I've also encountered a few problems importing the blender model into O2. Somehow certain pieces of the wings aren't "Closed", so the model fails to display in Buldozer (And if I try to view it in Buldozer, it crashes almost immediatly). The real catch, is that when I first import, it's fine. It's only after I save the p3d in O2 that the problem shows up >_< I hate to do it, considering this is the first ANYTHING I've posted here about, but if anyone is willing to give it a once over for themselves to help me nail down the problem, it'd be much appreciated.
  10. MichelleG


    @Krzychuzokecia: The Tu-95 and derivatives were never designed to carry conventional munitions. Everyone likes to equate it with the B-52, but the truth is, they both had separate goals. It's honestly best viewed as a Soviet equivalent of the US B-47 "Stratojet". If your wanting it to be able to designate missile targets using Gnats' script, I can do that, but if you were thinking of "Carpet bombing", this probably isn't the aircraft your looking for (That would be the Tu-16). The Soviet Union's defense forces, almost as a whole, discarded the ideas of conventional bombing in the early 60's. They mainly relied on Artillery and Ground Attack aircraft to fulfill much of the same roles, although on a far smaller (And arguably more precise) scale.
  11. MichelleG


    Actually that exact .blend was of a Tu-142 (If you look under it's left wing, you'll see the radar dome). I had actually planned to include both as separate models from the beginning :) And as to your mention of the island structure of the game, that's why I had assumed it would fit right in. We're dealing with islands somewhere in the northern Atlantic (According to the Biki, anyway), probably out of range of Tu-22 overflights, but perfectly in range for a few "Bears". On a historical note, I heard that back in the Russian-Georgian conflict of 2008, Russia had used a Tu-142 overflight for a recce on Gori right before they landed forces in the port city. Would anyone be able to validate that?
  12. MichelleG


    Thanks for the suggestions, looks like some sqs scripting will be the way to go. I'll try my best to get it as bug-free as possible, but if all else fails, how about I just leave the gun as is and give it a flare package? I didn't expect such an enthusiastic response on this, I was expecting to get hammered left and right on how it doesn't need to be in game at all :icon_lol: Progress update: Most of the exterior is skinned now, moving on to the interiors and Cockpit texturing (My Source) EDIT: Could an admin move this to Addons discussion section, please? Thanks :)
  13. MichelleG


    I've read many promising threads on this, but have never actually seen one released (Hopefully mine doesn't end up the same). I'm working on a Tu-95MS6/16 (NATO: Bear-H), and have pretty much all of it done besides some texturing and a flushed out cockpit, even most of the animations are completed. Considering my problem is probably config.cpp related, I'm asking this here: How the hell do I add the tail gunner? As it currently sits, it has a pilot, gunner (Controls the 16/6 Kh-55 Missiles onboard), but I am completely lost as to how to add someone for the twin GSh-23's on the tail. (Rendered, very poorly, in Blender) And since it's somewhat on topic, whatcha think of my progress? ;)