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  1. A campaign for Operation Arrowhead and the BAF expansion Version 1.2 Campaign images & screenshots Story Set after the Fall of the Takistan National Army, Coalition Forces launch new operations in the region. ISAF Forces under NATO command arrive in Takistan with the intention of re-training the National Army and rebuilding the infrastructure of the country, but in Takistan, things never go to plan. While the new government is desperately trying to restore their war-torn country, NATO's main focus is now on defeating the many insurgent militias that have formed since the fall of Col. Aziz' Army. You will take on the role of Andrew Miller as his section carry out daily duties in Takistan and the neighbouring Shapur e-Dalanper region, from village patrols to escorting convoys through the deadly mountainous regions of Takistan. British Army spokesman Major Tom Middleton recently made this statement regarding their presence in Takistan. Features Intro Outro Cutscenes Voice acting BAF expansion All units playable Infantry based missions Custom loading screens Select your gear before each mission Credits BI Forums Armaholic OFPEC ArmA2Base MadDogX Zipper5 Tophe IndeedPete Argorden Kylania Archamedes AaninPanje Download Armaholic ArmA2Base.de Changelog
  2. Specialist

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Hello everyone, thanks for downloading my campaign and thanks for all of the positive comments and constructive feedback. I have been away for about two years so it will take a while to get back used to things, anyway, I will be releasing an update in the near future to iron out any little creases. If you have anything you would like fixed/changed/added please let me know. Update version 1.3 - Work In Progress Thanks alot! I don't have any plans to start making new campaigns from scratch for Arma 2 as I will be focusing more on Arma 3 :) I'm not sure, are you using any mods? Yes, I will be fixing the ranks in the next update :) Thanks alot, I would reccomend playing the latest version as there have been alot of fixes/changes since v1.0 Thanks alot for the feedback! I agree with you about having a variety of different tasks/scenarios in a campaign to mix things up abit, I've learned quite a bit about editing since first creating this campaign and I will put that knowledge to good use when working on my next project. Thanks alot for playing and providing feedback :) I'm not sure, I will deffo look into it, maybe it has something to do with the AI mods.
  3. Specialist

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    I think it would look better in brown. I think if you change something like the river colour it would change the whole feeling of the island. It would go from a south american jungle/amazon type to a tropical/paradise scene. Example: or
  4. Hey Ice, do you have the classnames for the custom faces?
  5. ARL rebels move out to assault government positions ARL rebels at a southern outpost
  6. Lingor campaign WIP FEA Commando's detain Father Antonio at a local church in Faunaverde Government troops patrol a small outpost in central Lingor GAL troops at one of many checkpoints around Lingor The government protects its interests at Victorin Oil Company Local civilians try to get on with their daily lives
  7. Awesome job Ice! Now I can continue with the campaign ;) Congratulations :D
  8. Specialist

    Predator Mod

    Great, I was looking to do this too. Is it also possible with the crocodile addon?
  9. Specialist

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Good job guys, I voted for you.
  10. Typhoon Domination For Combined Operations Required Addons: RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4, RKSL Air Weapons, RKSL Flare System, RKSL Core System Version 0.1 Situation: No. 2 Squadron (otherwise known as No. II (AC) Squadron) of the Royal Air Force have been operating in Takistan for the past three months. Cpt. Thomas West of No. 2 Squadron has been assigned a high priority mission to carry out strategic airstikes on two military targets at Rasman airbase. Features: -Single Player -Aerial Combat -BAF Units -RKSL's Eurofighter Typhoon -Detailed briefing Credits: -BI Forums -Armaholic -RKSL Recommended Difficulty Setting: Veteran or Expert Download Armaholic download Tier One For Operation Arrowhead Required Addons: Tier One Operators Version 0.3 Situation: Following the execution of a UN official in the village of Sultansafe the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) have ordered the immediate capture of an insurgent warlord who controls the village of Sultansafe and surrounding villages. We also have intel confirming that the insurgents have acquired two old T-55 battle tanks which must be destroyed. Features: -Single player -Weapon Selection -UAV Terminal Backpack -McNools Tier One Operators -Random House Patrol Script Credits: -BI Forums -Armaholic -Tophe -McNools -Cyborg11 Download Armaholic download Kommando Spezialkräfte For Operation Arrowhead Version 0.1 Situation: A German KSK sniper team, codename 'Reaper 2.1' have been scouting the location of a meeting which is due to take place at 0530 hours. It is believed that a high ranking Takistani officer will be carrying a suitcase which contains the location and launch codes of several SCUD launchers somewhere in the area. Features: -Single player -Play as German KSK -Sniper Mission -No required addons Credits: -BI Forums -Armaholic -OFPEC -Zipper5 Download Armaholic download
  11. Specialist

    Specialist's Missions

    Me and my brother (Not registered here) have been working on an OPFOR campaign for Combined Operations and Lingor Island. The player will take control of a medium ranking member of the ARL named Hugo, as the ARL begin an offensive against government forces in Lingor. The campaign will feature a heavy storyline, many characters, a large variety of missions, custom music & custom scripts to make the atmosphere & immersion very tense aswell as scripts such as Tophe's Random house patrol script and Kronzky's Urban Patrol script for random enemy locations, replayability and improved AI skills. We have already spent hours upon hours working on this campaign and I have learnt alot about creating missions since my last campaign 'Joint Operations' and hopefully you will see that as I have already put alot of work into this new project. It will feature 8-10 missions. For more information on the ARL, GAL and current situation in Lingor, please read here. New screenshots here and here
  12. Excellent! This is a fantastic feature.
  13. Specialist

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Looking great Ice! I look forward to the units release ;)
  14. Specialist

    Specialist's Missions

    (Post removed, more info coming soon.)
  15. Specialist

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Great work IceBreakr, the island is amazing and I have great performance on it too! I have begun working on a campaign from the ARL point of view, I hope you will approve ;) I will use ARMA 2 insurgents and USMC as placeholders until the GAL and ARL troops are released. Great Work!
  16. Specialist

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Congratulations IceBreakr! Im going to download now :D Yes you need ARMA 2 and OA
  17. Specialist

    Mana Island Fiji

    I've been anticipating this beautiful island! Thanks for all of the hard work!
  18. Specialist

    [CAMP/OA] Operation Mighty Justice

    Thanks Bardosy! I really enjoyed your other campaigns. Im going to try this one now
  19. Specialist

    Specialist's Missions

    New Mission Released Typhoon Domination For Combined Operations Required Addons: RAF Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4, RKSL Air Weapons, RKSL Flare System, RKSL Core System Version 0.1 Check the main post
  20. Specialist

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Only the intro/cutscenes are voiced at the moment. ;)
  21. Specialist

    Chechen Rebels

    Excellent work! I will definitely use these units.
  22. Excellent news! Congratulations on the release, and thanks to everyone involved.
  23. Specialist

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Thanks :) Added Armaholic Mirror Added ArmA2Base.de Mirror Added new campaign images and screenshots
  24. Specialist

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Version 1.2 release Changelog