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    PvP Action gone?

    The lack of good PvP servers is sad, sometimes there's only domination and wasteland populated! I spoke to a few friends and we are thinking about starting up a new 24/7 PvP No AI server located in NA. The main missions would be C&H, TvT like Battle for Stratis or the new FT-2(Old Valhala ported to A3).. Anyone interested in joining us , my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197965553442/ Thanks!
  2. ArmaholicBR


    How would I go to remove dumb bombs from Airplanes for a Dogfight mission? I know how to remove all weapons, but without classnames for ammo I think it's not possible to add cannon ammo for them..
  3. Yes, if you are running earlier builds you have no problem with only @CBA. I've updated our server with last version and it gives an error if loading only @CBA. All 3 folders are OK. I'm curious why that change was made tho lol
  4. I've downloaded last version(, but where's the dsound.dll file? Is it the one called JayArma2Extension.dll now? Thanks!
  5. I've read the readme but just confirming, for Combined Operations now we need @CBA, @CBA_OA and @CBA_A2? Thanks!
  6. ArmaholicBR

    RPM - an rpg mission framework

    Sounds really nice, please release this!
  7. ArmaholicBR

    Multi-Session Operations v4.1 released

    Hello all, Our team has a dedicated and I've been creating a mission for us based on MSO, and everyone is enjoying it.. I just need some informations regarding MP Rights....is there a way to make an exception, so the Little Bird and the MHQ stay out of vehicle check for MP Rights? Also, is there a way to disable only civilian air vehicles, leaving the enemy faction? In Clafghan, civilians mess up our base parking in the middle of the runway and things like that...making it necessary to disable the whole feature =/ @BL1P: What are you using to restrict weapons by player's class? Thank you very much, this is the best mission we've played so far! Hoo-rah!
  8. ArmaholicBR

    Dedicated Server RPG

    Yes, and I hope it blows away other crypted ones maintained by people who doesn't see the fun factor in first place. Maybe it's the money, as already said :cool:
  9. Yes, persistent is turned on. The problem with performance could happen, but i think it isnt whats causing it.. As you can see, cpu doesnt even reach 50% load. Even with noone playing, i can see that the freeze still occurs, coming back to Life in a few seconds..
  10. No way to fix the "freezing" under Win2003? I can't format the server :( I have an aplicaion running there that needs windows..
  11. I'm also having a performance problem with my server running RP missions.. I start a mission and everything seems fine...checking with monitor and server fps stays at 48 steady all the time, the it suddenly goes to 0-5fps like "freezing" and dsyncing players, and it comes back, sometimes really quick, sometimes not (2-15sec). Cpu load stays under 50% all the time, then it drops to zero during that "freeze" period, and comes back again..I've checked rpt files and it all seems fine. Has anyone seen this? It's annoying and happens every couple minutes..
  12. Brilliant job, can't wait to test it! The download link doesn't seem to be working here, any other mirror? Thanks!! :bounce3:
  13. ArmaholicBR

    PvPscene Tweaks

    Could you update the pbos that disable stock mpmissions to also include "When Diplomacy Fails" and "COOP 8 Armory" missions? We've been using it on our dedicated and those seem to be left out.. I've extensively tested all these tweaks and they sure help a lot, "fixing" the game in most cases... thanks again!
  14. ArmaholicBR

    Through OpFor Eyes (TOE) Release Thread

    Do they have respawn/revive?