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  1. This story approves that Your addon is something worth and is an example of really good work for Arma community. Good luck in dealing with this "businessman".
  2. Alexander47

    Stagler's FSB Packs

    Thank You Col
  3. No, two officers in front. They have strange shader effect, I mean their clothes reflecting a bit. And what does these black stripes on jacket and pockets mean?
  4. Krag, glad to seet these screens here! Perfect, can't wait! But why this officer is so emm shiny? :)
  5. Alexander47

    CWR² Demo

    Kenwort very nice vedeo :)
  6. Alexander47

    New Russian Soldiers

    Nice units. Great. But quality of textures isn't so good. 1)Size of pixels is too large. Look carefully at this camouflage at those photos. http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/4372/83299493.jpg http://img70.imageshack.us/img70/1214/88454278.jpg 2)Backpacks textures also aren't too good. Hope you'll improve it. 3)You could also add some units knee pads. 4)Nowdays russian army doesn't use these "Вооружённые Ñилы" stripes with flag. Good luck :) About helmets - Russia buys so much foreign equipment, that helmets doesn't look so unrealictic :) P.S. There is another one awesome camouflage. http://www.survivalcorps.ru/pages/9072
  7. Alexander47

    Georgian army mod

    Oh God! Love it. It's time to bomb some Georgia on my computer xD My favorite Russian Su-25 is ready to drop some bombs. Great addon. Thanks. =)
  8. Legislator Great addon. Is it possible to make that AI would launch smoke shells on such vehicles like BMP3, T-90 when you are shooting them with laser guided missiles, for example Hellfire?
  9. Alexander47

    KA-50 Hokum

    Very nice addon. Great job. Maybe you could make a new cockpit for Ka-52? It would be very useful. There are some photos of a new cockpit. http://pilot.strizhi.info/photos/d/22245-1/IMG_2484_sm.jpg http://pilot.strizhi.info/photos/d/22247-1/IMG_2485_sm.jpg http://pilot.strizhi.info/photos/d/22249-1/IMG_2486_sm.jpg http://pilot.strizhi.info/photos/v/helicopters/?g2_page=6 Thank you.