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  1. hi does anyone know if arma 2 reinforcments will work with just operatrion arrowhead? like combine them both? thanks Niall
  2. hi there on arma 2 oa i want to be the pilot of a helicopter and tell 10 special forces guys to disembark and clear out an enemy position. how do i do this i have tried to synchronize but i have no control over them? any help please? thanks in advance Niall
  3. matchy7

    arma 2 oa scud

    thats it thanks
  4. matchy7

    arma 2 oa scud

    hi there where is the scud launcher in the editor i have just first played the game and can't find it in there? thanks Niall
  5. hi is this an alrgiht set up for arma 2 oa and what results will i get? windows 7 32bit Intel dual core cpu Intel Pentium E5700 Processor 3.6ghz ati radeon 5770 2gb ram thanks very much Niall
  6. matchy7

    ati radeon 5770

    its 3.6ghz. and its an Intel Pentium E5700 Processor
  7. matchy7

    ati radeon 5770

    hi is this an alrgiht set up for arma 2 oa and what results will i get? windows 7 32bit Intel dual core cpu ati radeon 5770 2gb ram thanks very much Niall
  8. hi just a quickie does an xbox control for the pc work with arma 2 OA? also will an ati radeon 5770 be quite good graphics. thanks Niall
  9. matchy7

    Reinforcements release date

    yeah i have odered it on play.com but they always mess up there dates. thanks Niall
  10. hi does anyone know when arma 2 Reinforcements comes out as i have pre odered it also willl it work like the download version apart from its on a dvd? thanks Niall
  11. hi this is an idea pitch to Bohemia Interactive. My idea My idea is for an expansion for arma 2 oa that is based on special forces in the UK like the SAS,SBS,Pathfinders and special forces support group. And in the US like delta force, Marine recon and navy seals. Been British i was so pleased when i found out the BAF expansion was been made as all games like this are based on us forces. The Missions I think the missions should involve past special forces operations Eg Op Barras 2000 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GURC9Qtc6D0&playnext=1&list=PLB34CF6CFE73CDB05) The invasion of iraq 2003 Tora Bora but bring them up to date with modern weapons systems and vehicles in my opinion a modern opertion barras would make a great mission. other missions will include: sabotage, parachute insertion missions, and boat insertion missions. Also behind enemy lines missions. Weapons well us forces like the M4 and M16 Armalite weapon system where as the british special forces use the dimeaco l119a1. Also some UK special forces use the SA80. If anyone has any suggestions please post on this thread. well BI there is my idea thanks Niall
  12. hi there i was looking on a uk shopping website (play.com) and i saw something called Arma 2 Reinforcemnts i assume this is a disc version fo BAF and PMC can any one confirm this? Also if i have arma 2 and operation arrowhead and reinforcements will this combine them altogether? thanks Niall
  13. whats my best bet updating from a nvidia 6800gt and a petnium 4 3ghz. to run arma 2 oa best i can my budget is 170 pound