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    Goty Lan problem

    I've recently decided to play OPF with my friends over LAN, but when I host a LAN game, my friends don't see it. We've tried some ideas from different sites like remote connections (192.168.x.x as well as the IP addres from whatismyip.com), turning firewalls off (I've got Windows firewall) and making exeptions in it and trying to play DirectPlay/Socket, but still, it doesn't work. All our computers are more than capable of playing OPF, we all have Goty edition v.196, and different cd-keys ofc. Is there any other way to solve this problem ?
  2. Jabakaduras

    Goty Lan problem

    I installed hamachi, granted certain privilages, so firewall couldn't block it, made a new network, my friend connected, We could chat, I made a OPF socket Lan game, he typed my hamachi IP in the remote screen...and didn't see the game. Something is really wrong, are there any other possible solutions ? It is kind of strange, can the problem be caused by the same internet provider ? I know that probably not, but I'm trying every solution that comes to my mind, so I can finally play one of my favourite games.