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    Servers benchmark

    This are old tread, but wanna post here our new server marks. Name= Olutta.org CO #1 Version 1.59.79548 Linux (Debian 5) Intel i7 975 Extreme, 12Gb DDR3, Raid5 ("normal" sata2 disks) Server playing shows smooth and maps changes not show "Wait for host" popup in popular fast game computers. default arma.cfg Startup: Extreads=1 Cpucount=4 Results: Min.17fps Avg.18fps Max.19fps -------------------- Anybody others fighted with virtualized Windows with this? I'm tryed over KVM and have problem with loading times and beachmark are not stable. Normally it is ~20fps but minimun is 12. I think there is something problem with disks speed over KVM, but not relase what i need to change to fix this? I used raw format for KVM images. Thanks
  2. Karvanoppa

    Servers benchmark

    This is not needed to upgrade in list, but i tested just for intresting my game pc speed for this. Specs: Intel Q9550 @ 3,8GHz | 4GB 1066 DDR2 Results: lowest 16fps avarage 18fps
  3. Karvanoppa

    Servers benchmark

    Hello. I just tested our servers and here is specs and results. Server #1 =Olut= BIG A2+OA ACE2b =Olut= BIG A2+OA System: Dell Poweredge Xeon X3420@2,4GHz - 8G ram (don't know witch type or speed) Ubuntu 9.10 - Kernel 2.6.31-22server 64bit Server #2 =Olut= Test platform Intel E6400@2,13GHz - 3G DDR2 800MHz This are Debian based virtual server with Openvz container. Setup is 2cpu and 2900MB ram. Ubuntu 10.04 - Kernel 2.6.32-4-pve Results: Server1: Two arma servers online. Another server playing dominations when i test this. = minimun FPS 7 with 10 average. Server2: Minimun FPS and avarage are same and that is 8FPS. Thanks
  4. Karvanoppa

    Arma 2 Linux Server 1.07 BETA

    Hi. Just wanna add my result about testing this newest beta for linux. Server specs: Dell Poweredge 2,6ghz 4 processor AMD Opteron with 8g memory connected to internet with 100mb cable. Linux Ubuntu. arma2.cfg are original Kellys Heroes edit. Start up: Map: Ours favourite Warfare ACE V2.060 Match time: 10hour Server stat: http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/135706 Match stat: http://arma2.swec.se/game/data/2770469 I just wanna realise how new version use our server, but i'm little dispointed. Don't see nothing update about server speed. Tested allmost only with AI players. Server fps drops about 5-9 when town spawned. Server FPS speed picture Processors used only about 200% :butbut: -------------------- Another question is are others same problem with A2OA? We tryed friend who have A2OA installed and started only arma2 with normal version and he can't join to server. It just say he have wrong version to join? I wondering if it only because we have keys requirements on server and there not have OA key but are that the problem? Don't tested this yet. Thanks.
  5. Karvanoppa

    Arma2 dedicated server howto

    I have problem with warfare server. Any idea where is problem? After some hours Arma2 just crash. Server: Quad core Xeon 8gb 100mb Linux Ubuntu Arma 1.5 mods Ace, Acex, Ace_pla, cba, GL4 I'm tryed to change server.cfg, but i don't know really what i'm doing with that. server.cfg In game monitor showing FPS less than 10 and my server traffic monitor show it use only about 1-5mt/s broadband and less than 250% of 400% CPU. In game players been about 10. Thanks
  6. Yoma: Are you releaced any help file other than readme.txt? I mean about config for linux? I'm trying to do it to our public cult server =Olut=, but can't understand that config file very vell? Mono is installed for apache, but are this really needed FTP? How about SFTP? Thanks
  7. Karvanoppa

    beta patch on linux ded server?

    Ok thanks for answers. All others works nicely with original 1.05.62021, but Warfare just crashing and crashing after some hours. :( Developers get out that 1.05 beta version for linux please. We don't have many good server in Finland.
  8. Karvanoppa

    beta patch on linux ded server?

    I tested this. Not working Then i test my start script to tryit start up in arma2 folder Not working Then i make new copy of arma2 and move from @beta folders stuff to right place in arma2 and then start game from arma2beta/ folder. Not working Damn.