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  1. Looking for an unofficial ACRE for Arma 3 beta. Anyone got one? Had one for the alpha and it doesn't work since the beta. Cant wait for it to come out.
  2. Firefox88

    Crap AI... again

    Is it just me, or is the AI unfairly powerful again? Had the same problem in the early alpha, but I kinda figured they wouldn't repeat the exact same problem that killed the game for some. The AI get head shots every time, no matter range or cover, you are dead the first shot they shoot. When is the first patch due to come out? Rumors?
  3. Firefox88

    MK18 Mod 1

    Gun is amazing, great work! Just wondering, were you planing on coming out with some 40mm UBL variants?
  4. I'm having problems with CMS in multiplayer. I understand its still buggy but I wanted to know if there was a fix. When I hop into a game, I am not able to bring up my CMS menu, though others can. I can hop in the editor or host a game and it works just fine. Its hit and miss on if it effects me or someone else from time to time. Thought it was just on non-dedicated servers, but I just started having the problem now that it's on one. Any ideas?
  5. Firefox88

    Combat Medical System

    I figured out, you need to put in the cms_medic in the init lines of medics
  6. Firefox88

    Combat Medical System

    Is there a more in depth readme coming out? The one that is with the mod is very basic but I'm looking for why I cant assign a triage status, add an airway and when you need to administer IVs and blood infusions.
  7. Cannot wait for CMS to come out. Good luck with it
  8. I'm TEMS and I'm getting this solely for the Combat Medical System, everything else is just gravy.
  9. Using RSLO it will not allow me to load the AT4. I have several buddies that can load it fine, but not me. It will load the JIM LR and weapons, just not the AT4. Is this a problem with R3F or RSLO? I have even created a new profile and started my loadout from scratch but to no avail.
  10. Im using the FHQ M4 pack, which works with the Uncertain NV TWS pack regularly. But when I turn on CAF, it no longer it equipable. So your mod is actually modifying another mod somehow.
  11. Nice mod. I'm having problems with compatibility with another mod. When I turn your mod on, it disables my ability to equip a NV or TWS from the mod pack by Uncertain for any rifle. Any ideas on fixes?
  12. Firefox88

    Patrol Ops?

    You rock, man.
  13. Firefox88

    =BTC= Revive

    Having an issue, probably already reported but, every time I die, it takes the mag outta my gun and just deletes it. It was a full mag, its not on the ground, its just deleted.
  14. Firefox88

    Patrol Ops?

    Hey all. Just wanted to say first off, thank you to everyone who has spent their time to make missions and mods for the alpha. Great work! I was wondering, was anyone planning on making a Patrol Ops mission for the alpha?
  15. Firefox88

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    I just wanted a look inside, plus I have no idea besides cosmetics in the genre anyways. I prefer the 203 as well, so I'm glad to hear that!