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    User Mission Request Thread

    I was looking for some simple pilot missions that would involve troop transports, air support for pinned downed infantry, etc. I have the carrier mod with the missions, as well as, I just downloaded some apache missions from the Steam content yesterday. I like to play online, but also looking for some offline stuff when I cannot spend a lot of time online. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. The general public to be pilots? I would love to join some of these groups and become a pilot in their group, however, I cannot typically devot the times to be on consistently for meetings, practices, missions, etc. That being said, I still like to pilot in the game, whether it be the A-10 or transport heli. I tried to get on the other night after not playing MP in quite a while and every room I got in there either were not any pilot slots to take, or even if I got into a pilot slot I was still locked out of aircraft. I understand that these are private servers and respect the fact that it is the owners decision on what they want do not want going on in their server, and that it can become annoying when players come in to "practice" their flying skills in MP. I was wondering if the community would be able to recommend some servers that allow the general public to pilot and that have a decent amount of players in the room typically? I appreciate any recommendations.
  3. I am not sure what I did/did not do but I am trying to run the carrier operations for SP, and when I start up the game Mando Missles does not appear to be working for me. I have downloaded the @MMA but when I go in to see my key bindings, they are not to be found. Can anyone help me with this or does it sound familiar to anyone?
  4. franko1932

    User mission requests!

    I am looking for some SP pilot missions. I see some random transport missions, but I was looking more for a camp/sp missions for either the A-10, ah-64, and/or both. I have attempted to use the search function for this, but maybe I am just not using it correctly, as it does not narrow anything down very well. Could someone point me in the direction of any existing missions?
  5. franko1932

    [10-78] 11 New ACE Missions

    Will these still work with the updated Fallujah map 1.1?
  6. franko1932

    Look For Certain Type of Mission

    I will look into both of these, thank you for the recommendations.
  7. Thank you for the info, I use an external launcher to load all of my mods in the mod line. I am proud to report that after attempting to play this game for 6 hours yesterday, I finally got it to work right before I went to bed and was able to play for 45 minutes, I guess this is part of the growing pain of playing a fun game on the PC. What I did, and I am not even 100% sure that this is what fixed it, was I un-installed and re-installed the 64 bit TS ACRE link from the 1st page and this time when it gives you the three installation types, instead of using typical I chose complete. I proceeded to start everything up, and I almost popped a bottle of champagne and started celebrating. Now I just have to figure out how to use the thing.
  8. I am getting very frustrated. I have tried every fix on here and yet everytime I get into a room I keep getting the whole dsound.dll not in ARMA2. I have placed the dsound.dll in my main ARMA2 folder, it is in the @ACRE, it is in Jarmalib, I have the right version of TS and yet nothing. I even read that you need to change the keys in the ACRE user config, so I tried that. I am running Vista-64bit and running everything as Admin, could anyone please help me figure out how to play this damn mod.
  9. I am not sure if this exists or not, but I have been away from ARMA for awhile and have come back. I would try to search for what I am looking for, but it would take forever. My Questions is: 1. Is there a mod that puts you, say in Fallujah or any map for that matter, where you are a soldier that goes on different patrols, whether it be via humvee, helo's, or any other vehicle and the mod generates IED's, random insurgancy attacks, and those type of events? Basically where instead of "go destroy...", more of explore the map type of thing, sometimes you will run into enemy ied's/fire fights etc, and other times you patrol with no problems.
  10. I was wondering what the best mission wizard would be to download? I am looking for one that will plug all the scripting, waypoints, and anything else in for me because I do not have clue one as to how that stuff works. I would like to be able to say, I want X objective, and Y personnel/vehicle vs. Z side personnel/vehicles and to be able to plug myself in as either a commander or as a regular soldier. I am not even sure if this type of wizard exists, but if it does could someone point me in the direction? By the way this would be for Arma 2 Combined Operations. Thank in advance for any help.
  11. I have installed the game and the CBA file, but everytime I try to start this mod it tells me that it cannot find the script macros common file, even though I can open up my CBA folder and look right at it.
  12. I appologize if this is in the wrong section and I also used the search function but could not find the same question. I redownloaded my sixupdater and now when I run it, it does not find my mod folders for some reason? I uninstalled and deleted anything from the old six updater, but do not understand why my mod files are not registering, as I did not have this problem previously. I am currently deleting and reinstalling the ace mods, but does anyone have any ideas as to why I am having this problem or what I need to do to correct it? Thank you for any help. Also, I am running the updater as an administrator.
  13. Thanks sbsmac, I figured that was the answer I would get, but I was not sure if downloading the program would have any adverse effect on the computer/other programs.
  14. I keep getting an error that I need to update my Microsoft Common Language Runtime Version to 4. something. I have no clue what it is talking about as I am not that advanced in computer programs. I run Windows Vista on a fairly new computer, does anyone know why I am getting this message and what I do to get around it?