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    Male, 45 years old. Love playing this game but to be honest i am shite at it.
  1. grumpyoldman

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    Hi Anders, Just ignore the fella that doesn't like your sounds and don't even rise up to his baite. It would not bother me if the sounds you are doing were crap ( which i might add they are not ) All i know is i couldn't do anything like this so in my eyes that makes you infinately better than me matey.:)
  2. grumpyoldman

    [CO]Co06 Disrupters Part1 - V1.0

    Hi there. I too have had the same issue as Nikiforos when saving. Once killed then trying to use save your character does not want to move. I myself was using the full ace module, cba, Warfx blastcore, csm and zcommon_ace. This is not a moan by the way as i would not even know were to start creating something like this and i have the utmost respect to good people like yourself for uploading things for useless people like me.
  3. grumpyoldman

    Please help with sprocket Brit download problem

    I was having trouble installing and kept getting a runtime error and then read on these forums someone having same problem. Turned out it was the antivirus (bitdefender in my case) and so just turned it off during install and hey presto it worked fine. Hope this helps some people having trouble.
  4. grumpyoldman


    Hi W0lle, Just joined the forums to say how much I am enjoying your mission. I am finding the opposite to Ducatisto and think it is bloody hard (but then i am crap). However i have been playing the mission with all the mods that The.D is recommending in the arma 2 addons and mods: discussion. I think it is brilliant and hope to get many hours of pleasure playing this excellent work of yours. Well done to you sir. Andy.