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  1. dammit fox... these are insanely bad ass how many models do you plan to release? and will those NVG's be animated or static, I remember an old OFP mod with animated NVs though I don't know if you can do it in Arma 2
  2. fair enough... maybe you could do something like the AAW folding bipods, i think they had 2 models one with the bipod down and one up, and when you pressed a key it instantly swapped to the other model with the effect of unfolding the bipod, though it wouldn't be very fluid...
  3. are you going to make the magnifier animated? As in to magnify it you must move the magnifier in front of the Eotech, else you just look through the standard eotech as a sight. That'd be mad.
  4. six updater hurry up! i'm itchin man:butbut:
  5. I'd really like a script that makes several AI shoot targets, sort of as an ambient thing. it builds atmosphere for a training camp. if there is one already plz point me in the right direction. I've tried for ages to make them use dowatch and dofire, but they refuse to shoot an empty object :( cheers
  6. Hey guys, is there a command or something that i can use to change an AI's voice to the BAF British voice? cheers for the help
  7. Hey guys could you give the guys personal radios or something, it becomes a pain in the ass when you can't hear or see what your men are doing. I've found that if you addweapon a radio into your inventory it works, but otherwise it's a pain. maybe a place holder could be made that's simply called "voice" or something could fix it and keep the realism... also, do the bayonet and shovel items have any use?
  8. ^^^ what it says up there. need this so i can find the name of weapons in crates so i can use them. thanks
  9. i have a simple request. i want to be able to change heads on the doctor and functionary units using the setface command properly. if anyone didn't notice, these guys have premade faces and when you add a new face to them it simply alters the texture and not the model. if anyone can do this then they are awesome
  10. I think i'm going to lose my shit if i can't install this mod, i've got OFP Goldedition updated to 1.96. every time i attempt to launch the mod it claims that i haven't installed the replacement pack or something. then it goes through a bunch of stuff and basically doesn't install, so every time i try to launch, bang 'you haven't installed the replacement pack' any clues as to why it won't work? is it the fact that i'm using a goldedition version?
  11. yes but can an eventhandler be placed in the conditions section of a trigger, if so could you please show an example? thnx
  12. yes, well it was also my first step. so time to rip things apart.
  13. hey guys the title says it all, i want to be able to activate a trigger by simply firing off a shot. this is for like a shoot and scoot scenario, when i fire my rifle a team of soldiers will try and pursue me. any help?
  14. yes but im having the issue of not being to identify the 'glasses' classname. and obviously most of the helmets are attached to the models provided but some of the helmets provided in mods act like glasses which are accessible by the profiles menu. this is basically so i can add SchnapsdroSel's gasmask to ai via the editor. so will i have to dePBO something? or can i get them by other means?
  15. sweet, can you use hint (SRT XXXX player) to determine names of glasses and helmets that are placed on using this? actually is there a tutorial i can use so i won't bug everyone?