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  1. Sintacks

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    Arma 2 and OA are the games I have been looking for since I started PC gaming many many years ago. I want to thank the team for such hard work and dedication in making the Arma series what it is today. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have Arma. Sure I play other games on consoles and PC but in the back of my mind I am always comparing them to Arma!
  2. Sintacks

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Damn right. I'm gonna buy it the minute I can get my hands on it and probably take a day or two off work as well :)
  3. Sintacks

    Overclocking CPU

    Going from 3.6GHz to 4.1GHz on my i7 960 made a huge difference. Especially while in Cherno and while playing scenarios like "Seize the Village". When you call in airsupport, that'll put your CPU to the test. Check the spoiler for my rig if you want. The 570 is a nice card btw. Is it the FTW?
  4. Did you try it without the sound mods? Try using ACE_SM instead of jsrs or with no sound mods at all. That would be my first step. I had the same type of situation some time back where I couldn't hear mortars detonating in the distance all of a sudden. It was on a mission in the editor that I played with a buddy of mine. I don't remember if he could hear them but I know I couldn't. I ended up just recreating the mission from scratch and they came back. Fire up the editor and fire some mortars and see if you can hear 'em.
  5. Sintacks

    Trees makes this game unplayable

    that's weird. I actually find my FPS to spike all the way up to 60 when I zoom with any scope or iron sights.(I have vsync enabled and everything on Very High. View Distance 4500). Even if I'm in the middle of Cherno with all hell breaking loose or in the middle of the forest.
  6. I agree 100%. I was trying to lose my gear in the water as a machine gunner loaded up to the teeth with ammo boxes. I don't remember how long I swam for. I just remember instantly losing gear as soon as the water got chest deep. I'll try it again with a full load and for longer.
  7. I remember a clip from Saving Private Ryan where Edward Burns jumps into the water when the boat reaches a point where they gotta bail out. He jumps overboard and struggles to remove his BAR. Once removed, he swims to shore and was asked where his BAR was. He said ".... the bitch tried to drown me". I don't think it's a good move to hang onto a heavy MG in water. Good luck trying to stay afloat with the gun and all the ammo on ya.
  8. Ok. Are you using any mods?
  9. Nice.. Thanks for the tips guys. I was also wondering about this.
  10. I remember when I played Arma 2 last year with a buddy, he accidentally fell into the water in Chernarus near Cherno. I remember he climbed out and caught up to me and we noticed all his equipment was gone. We tracked back to the place where he fell in and saw all his equipment at the bottom of the ocean. He was able to pick it back up (after a few tries) and re-armed and equipped himself. I fired up the editor (my other buddy thinks it's the coolest thing and attention to detail in the game blows him away) and put myself in the map with an MG and loaded myself up so I could show him the same thing but it didn't happen. I went for a swim and saw I still had all my gear. Maybe no one cares about these things but me..... I was just wondering if anyone knew if that's still a "feature" after patches etc or is it only in Scenarios/Campaign?
  11. Same here, I have been using Zeus AI for a long time now and haven't experienced that before. What are your AI settings in your Arma2Profile? What difficulty are you playing on? Here are my settings. I play on Veteran usually: }; class veteran { class Flags { HUD=1; HUDWp=1; HUDGroupInfo=0; Map=0; WeaponCursor=1; ClockIndicator=0; 3rdPersonView=0; UltraAI=0; CameraShake=1; UnlimitedSaves=1; DeathMessages=0; NetStats=1; VonID=0; }; skillFriendly=1; skillEnemy=0.2; precisionFriendly=1; precisionEnemy=0.40000001;
  12. " * [Have] there been any optimizations/improvements in ATI Crossfire support? No, and note that Crossfire is not something that we would have to support much in our game; rather, it is primarily hardware/driver related - we use standard Direct X API for our graphical output." http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Ask_Bohemia_about_A2OA_-_Answers
  13. Sintacks

    super computer required?

    Try an Nvidia graphics card. I had the same issues when I thought I was doing myself a favour going from 2 GTX 280s to an HD5970. Even with my modest rig I had the worst performance. Way worse than 2 less powerful vid cards. I switched back to Nvidia and I am in heaven even in Cherno. Pretty much 50-60 fps anywhere with anything going on and 30 solid in Cherno.
  14. Sintacks

    Why are you playing BIS games?

    'Cos I know that whatever I hear and see in the game is the most accurate representation possible. Distant AA guns are music to my ears. Mortars detonating in the distance is one of the most haunting sounds I have ever heard. :D It's as close to real life as I'll probably ever get. That's why I play.