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  1. does Anyone know death animation pack for arma2 ??
  2. ahmed8620

    Israel Defence Force

    nice reskins ..it gives opportunity to play with against iranians and iraqis whose dominating the game since long time .the game is starving for IDF soldiers (with their hats and stuff) and tanks like Magachs and Merkavas .
  3. if you need any Arabic stuff (language songs )just p.m me . i wish i could help u more in this mod but unfortunately i don`t have knowledge to do so .
  4. ahmed8620

    scar's sa6 port to ARMA2

    nice to have aad but when i downloaded that (from first link )it asked for caweapons3 !! could u upload it in other site? thanks
  5. Mr miles teg how is the project of idf and egyptian units going and do you plan for static weapons like in ofp "sagger and spike "? thanks..
  6. awesome job ....but egyptian pilots dosen`t wear camos egyptian pilot there are some vehicles not in the game like: FAhD walid apc eifv some interesting pics ---------- Post added at 10:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:14 PM ---------- famous camo used by egyptian special force:
  7. ahmed8620

    Egypt Protests

    this is what all Egyptians said (even muslim brotherhood).
  8. nice work miles i like all lost brother`s work and i hope to see israeli and egyptian units (some Egyptian police units perhaps ) . p.s: the arab words written in the pic is not right
  9. ahmed8620

    Russian Naval Infantry

    what tutorial yous used for that ?? (if anyone got reskins tutorial would be useful )
  10. ahmed8620


    there`s a script you can use for that http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1841488
  11. do you mean idf mod f16 reskins ? if there`s soldier`s reskins of idf please post a link .
  12. thanks mandoble works great .
  13. i launched the game with spirited machine`s launcher and checked @cba @mma and xeh i placed ah-64 on the editor with mma full (logic) i should find mando hud and stuff but nothing happened !! although missions included in mando zip file works fine .i have arma:co
  14. so what is "lobo_iraq_rep_guard crew" classname ? thanks in advance ....
  15. is there anyone knowwhat part of config is responsible of (crews and pilots) in vehicles ? and how can one convert arma2 and arma islands to arma2oa ?