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  1. {Op4}Martijn

    Rhodesy's Projects

    oh i appreciate his work and effort im just saying its inaccurate.
  2. {Op4}Martijn

    Rhodesy's Projects

    pm me for anything about the dutch. Also aeaneas2020's dutch mod was very inaccurate.
  3. {Op4}Martijn

    AH-64 Pack

    Those uniforms in the picture were definitely dutch. They were wearing smartcards high on their left shoulder and had reflecting armbands. Also the man with the too tight shirt taking a picture has a blue cap on, the logo on that blue cap is from the dutch PMT. somesort of military restaurant.
  4. {Op4}Martijn

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Yeah i agree on this. He means so you can pick headgear from the 'glasses' drop down menu in the player profile editor. You could just add the baseball caps etc in there as glasses, its quite easy.
  5. Did you fiddle with the .nohq and .as files? I always seem to get weird shadows and random dark areas when doing that.
  6. Hey guys, I edited a head model in O2, how do i get it ingame from there on though? I tried googling it but im really confused. Help would be really appreciated, thanks!
  7. {Op4}Martijn

    fox's small projects

    There's multiple helmet textures by the way, you guys only just seen 1!
  8. {Op4}Martijn

    fox's small projects

    dutch would be awesome. we're underrated really :mad:
  9. {Op4}Martijn

    fox's small projects

    Better give me credit for them :p Starting look more and more awesome Fox!
  10. {Op4}Martijn

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    New selectable face models. Guys with mohawks etc? Actual model proxy not textures. Would be awesome. I believe ardvark's done this before for TF86 and such. Private release though.