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    Crash to desktop

    That is the biggest problem with FADE protection, I like it that it keeps the CS kiddies out of our multiplayer games. But its a giant mess when it comes to finding out C2D problems. I'm not sure what revision of the engine this game is running on but it seems to be a bit different compared to the latest OA beta build.
  2. Just played Mystic Whisper loved every minute, thank you for allowing ALL the vehicles to be usable, definitely adds to the realistic Tier 1 style of play. I enjoyed taking the mortars first and then capturing an APC. Satchels came in handy for the breaching walls and taking out the AA. Felt like 3 of those Medal Of Honor missions packed into one, all we need are corny dialogue. Just out of curiosity I wasn't able to trigger the ending what was the condition set to for capturing the HQ? I eliminated all hostile forces, and pretty much burned the place to the ground.
  3. So what I've done is Unzip all the files over to my ARMA 2/OA folder Ran the ArmaSideMap.exe Added it to exception Added launch parameter to ARMA OA Added your desert demo mission to my User/missions file Still can't get it to work, as I have no idea what needs to be done with the files in Source, and why is the addons file empty? Either way I'm a bit dumb when it comes to putting pieces together, hopefully you'll make an installer version downthe road But aside from not being able to use it, I really like the idea. How will additional map support work?
  4. yanhchan

    Co05/SP - Lingor Godfather

    Just did a quick run, with added SLX and ACE, no problems so far. The only gripe I have is that I have to hike 2Ks to get to a super slow boat. Perhaps it would be wise to make the one URALs have just enough fuel for the squad to reach say within 500m of the boat, so as to save time on mission start. Or just script it so that a tyre/car suffers engine damage so that it stops working once you pass a certain marker/trigger zone (again I love milsim but I just hate the pointless hiking). The start point is really awkward in the middle of a road. Maybe for immersion factor throw in a plane on the runway, as if the Mercs just arrived, instead of the middle of nowhere. All that aside I really had a "blast" with this mission.
  5. ARMA II ARMA II patches ARMA OA ARMA OA Patch 1.59 (incldues PMC/BAF) Nothing unusual as far as I can remember, the odd thing is the error sometimes fixes itself when I restart the game, with no changes.
  6. Is anyone else having issues with launching missions that have D30, M119, Mortars, M2 machine guns? I keep encountering an error that states missing cfg/BIS/bin/vehicles/D30/turn.coef (similar its not word for word but you get the gist) This was a fresh reinstall of Combined Ops with patches up to 1.59 and I tried the 1.6 beta as well. If you know of a way to fix this error do let me know by PM if possible. I've tried running mod free. The oddest part is I have 2X M119, 2X D30, 2X M252, and 2X M2s First preview launch I'd get the error line regarding the M2, I delete the M2s and the game launches, so I play a while abort and try to relauch in preview, and then this time it saws the M119 turn.coef is no entry, so I delete and the game runs again, it seems that EVERY time I launch the game, some type of emplaced weapon thats on bipod/tripod is having trouble getting the turn.coef info from cfgvehicles.
  7. More civillian vehicles, not just 5 in different colors. I want tractor trailers, fire dept vehicles. Crowd control non lethal weapons, CS GAS/Rubber ball/bean bag launchers (great for HVT extraction missions)
  8. My hat's off to you for 0.22 CIM. I loved the non hostile armed civvies and the shouting in "Gathering". I really had to think hard about how to clear the area safely prior to EOD (the noise and confusion didn't help). Side note: Maybe you can include a simple Editor template with your next release for those who are less talented working with the init field/markers.
  9. yanhchan


    Is there a command line/init I can add to enable my Blufor Units to be able to converse with Takistani speaking AI?
  10. Anyone else think this map is good enough to be a DLC? Haha
  11. Really enjoying those new CAS options, unpacked the QOM file and added the AC130 to takistan tonnes of fun! Now I can finally call in CAS and be CAS at the same time, I just need to remember to add strobes to everyone
  12. It depends, what I had to do was remove flies, sandstorms, ambient air/ship and wild dogs to get some relief for my C2D CPU but on my quad core I leave everything intact. You could fiddle around with the enemy pop intesnity as well but you may experience less contacts than you would normally have.
  13. I was literally blown away with the new changes, the game seems to run MUCH MUCH smoother not sure what magic you guys pulled but it is PERFECT. I only have a few questions regarding those IEDs and VBIED system. Which units have the ability to detect nearby IEDs and if there's equipment needed what is the name of the equipment? I extracted the PBO and read all those helpful texts but I am not fully comprehending that particular moduel/system
  14. There goes my weekend!
  15. I'd actually like to see more interactions with the local populace. T cells and ambient traffic, and police/medical is great. But if we can get random intel by visiting cities or doing humanitarian supplies such as dropping off Medical boxes or Water barrels and getting respect/rep back that would be awesome. But I guess that's a whole new ball game. Ability to hire a translator from the local population would be awesome as well.