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  1. Whats the command to pick a walrus up using the manta and hook? tried everything i can and no luck. any info greatly appreciated.
  2. So where is it? so much for September 28th release, it should have been available from midnight. Nice missed oppertunity there to make digital dl more attractive as the poster earlier says.
  3. Doomdark64

    Capturing/Aquiring islands

    Thanks foxhound, i was wondering if there was a build key?. i have the module on my walrus but dont know how to use it. regards.
  4. How do i tell my manta to capture a neutral island? do ihave to go somewhere specific? is there a command to do this if there is i cant see it. When the enemy has the island does everything have to be destroyed or can the island be captured intact.? Regards
  5. Doomdark64

    Graphics Problem Encountered

    Thanks for that information Impact., worked a treat the game runs great now. Thanks again.
  6. obviously not by the total lack of any imput by the company. i hope to god they buck their ideas up because this will all go pear shaped if they dont give people any info and keep people who are supposed to be going to buy this game informed.
  7. i agree totally with you here EricM. To all the people with the "dont be impatient" line, so you think its totally professional NOT to update the main page of your games web site at least once in a YEAR?. The bottom line is they cant be bothered to spend 10 minutes of their time to tell the public who are interested in Carrier command (NOT arma 2 as its released and being played already) that they have/havent changed the release date, or even if they are still working on it because non of the people on here who say they know how the company work actually do know, they just think they know , which is why people interested in the game want to know from the organ grinder NOT his monkey.
  8. Dont waste your breath, you ask for any information the piss artists who troll the boards here come up with all kinds of bull why the company wont say anything. They cant admit to themselves its bad customer relations.
  9. Doomdark64


    Thats rich coming from you as your so full of shit your eyes are brown. but your probably some little chava muppet who thinks hes hard as nails behind the keyboard, sonny i would kick you so hard you would be wearing your arse for a hat and not even break into a sweat, go play with your console kiddy and take your bum chum someboy with you.
  10. Doomdark64


    its a game type thats got hundreds of clones ,why do i want to play something thats old and caters to the console kids more than the pc community, like i said carrier command would have no competition as theres nothing like it around or has been for over 20 years(the origional), you just go with all the other sheep that think arma 2 is new and origional and good to play,when your finished in the playground bed time is 7 o`clock sonny :)
  11. Doomdark64


    Wouldnt have to make an assumption if they would take 5 mins of their time to say otherwise :)
  12. Doomdark64


    this is what im talking about. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=109426 they keep the interested public informed,and even give an estimated release date,it might not happen then, rl is a bitch,but its information and keeps interested parties ,interested.
  13. Doomdark64


    Not having any information tends to make you think its been binned.
  14. Doomdark64


    Im so sorry, i do apologise, my tone was out of order.
  15. Doomdark64


    Oh so you work for them do you? maybe you can shed some light on whats happening then. i got slated for thinking that releasing something there was NOTHING similar to or releasing something there are 20 or 30 clones of was silly and was told i wasnt the company so i shouldnt have an oppinion. Yet you call me a troll for asking a perfectly reasonable question? if this is the way the "we know how the company work" brigade operate god help everyone.