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  1. The 10th Special Operations Group is a newly forming unit. We perform reconnaissance, asymmetrical warfare, and close quarters combat operations in a realistic setting. We will be performing operations with other units frequently. The unit consists of highly adaptive four man teams, capable of major flexibility in operational condition and weapon usage. Weapons used will vary greatly between different types of operations. Pilots are welcome, though in limited number. It would be beneficial to have pilots of our own for insertions and CAS, although the same can be provided by the unit we are operating with. We only require the following things. Access to a Microphone Access to Mumble, Ventrilo, And Teamspeak A good amount of experience in ArmA 2 A mature attitude An ability to have fun The possibility of being able to stay up very late, or get up very early ArmA 2: Combined Operations + Reinforcements DLC You may contact me via: Steam: Archaon98 Youtube: Archaon98 Skype: Archaon98 Email: arkanias@hotmail.com
  2. That puts me in the exact same spot. I need to be on the right gun.
  3. I'm trying to get a pilot into the crew chief position on the UH-60M. this moveingunner heli1; doesn't work, neither does this moveincommander heli1; nor any other command like that. Can someone please help me?
  4. I would love to see the G36 family in the game, with the ability to customize barrel length, and sights. For example: Using a G36K with the G36C picatinny rail.
  5. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    I've tried very hard to make it happen with the ArmA 2 AI, and they just can't do it :(
  6. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    This is something I have encountered so much.
  7. AUG P228 Desert Eagle M110! SCAR-L/H
  8. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    In Full Spectrum Warrior, the gameplay was centered around controlling a US Army rifle squad. (2 Fire teams. Team Leader, Automatic Rifleman, grenadier, Rifleman.) The player had to tactically use both fire teams to give leverage to one another in order to complete objectives. For example, Bravo uses suppressive fire on an enemy position while Alpha flanks around a building, etc. The members of each fire team stay together, and stack up in a certain order at walls and stuff, leader at the corner, then automatic rifleman, then grenadier, then rifleman, each watching a certain angle to cover the entire area around them, other than the wall. So much to cover really.
  9. For me, I'd like to see... Magpul Masada/Bushmaster ACR USP Match UMP 45 SPAS-12 HK416 I know it's kind of generic, but these are guns I like a lot, and fit into the more futuristic setting. Share your wishlist here!
  10. archaon98

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    The stuff in this thread. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=121415
  11. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    The thing about this, is that it shouldn't be like that. It would be good if he sent the fire team, with close attention to who he was sending for what job (Automatic Rifleman, Grenadier, etc) It would be cool if the AI squad leaders could tell the squad members in certain positions to do something. Like telling the machinegunner or automatic rifleman to deploy his bipod on something, and watch a road. Or telling the grenadier to lob a 203 into a window to take out some dug in enemies. EDIT: Also, the whole thing with the AI commander sprinting waaaaay ahead of his guys is kind of annoying.
  12. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    I think AI door breaching/room clearing would more or less add to the realism. But I don't think the players that prefer a more dynamic game. One of my concerns is the AI reactions to gunfire. When shot at, they tend to just go prone. In real life situations, soldiers would usually run to the nearest cover, when coming under fire, and then responding. Like this.
  13. archaon98

    AI fireteam maneuvers/building utilization

    I don't think I said that. I'm thinking more of how the fire teams moved together, especially when approaching corners, getting behind cover, and stuff like that. I also wish AI would react more to suppressive fire.
  14. One of the things that I was a bit disappointed about with the vanilla ArmA 2 AI was that they didn't really stick together, or use the fully enterable/destructable buildings that were so hyped. I think it would be cool if fireteam mechanics would be introduced into ArmA 3, as well as building to building combat. Something like what was seen in the game Full Spectrum Warrior.