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  1. MengJiao

    Arma 3 engine

    Good Point. I sometimes wonder if people who claim there's something substandard about ARMA VR x.x have looked very much at the real world away from urban environments.
  2. MengJiao

    How good is the AI?

    I agree that as an enemy the AI can be impressive. I'm fooling around in the editor and have set up some moderately complex battles. Between the friendly AI doing very odd things that accidently turn out well and the enemy AI being moderately sneaky and moderately aggressive I've had some good battles lately.
  3. MengJiao

    How good is the AI?

    I don't think they are really grown men in any sense, they are just entertaining aspects of a game. I think they do okay. I've been playing in the editor a lot and after a confusing battle it is interesting to walk around and reconstruct what happened in some AI vs. AI encounters.
  4. I love this mod. I've been running it around in the Editor for days on the basis of a campaign where the Iraqis set out to eradicate a Takistani-style tribe on the Takistan Map. The mod works perfectly for that sort of thing.
  5. MengJiao

    Chernarus over OA

    Here's what I did and it worked fine. I installed the DvD for ARMA2 and then installed the DvD for OA. OA just updates ARMA2. You can still play in Chenarus or in the OA realm and/or mix and match as much as you want. Installing OA first doesn't work since OA automatically updates ARMA2, but ARMA2 (being in the past) has no knowledge of OA.
  6. I'm a smorgasbordian too. I had a blast over the last few weeks in MP Warfare but this week I'm playing in the editor for some reason.
  7. I can imagine my experience in a Domination-style game if that was the scenario: After a tremendous cinematic opening -- Music giant titles etc. -- the heart-wrenching image of a giant flat tire appears and then there I am on a huge empty base full of stuff. Smaller titles appear and tell me "You must be on Speak-easy to change a flat tire. Join us on 87164-988764-98764." Then it turns out the flat tire is 20 km away and I have to load a tire in a special assault helicopter. I head for a pile of tires, but some player tells you this is coop team work which means I can't touch the tires because in coop everbody else has something to do and you have to wait while they wander around loading up everything just right to fix that flat like a real army would.
  8. MengJiao

    OPForce or BLUForce?

    I play Warfare so I'm usually surrounded by fear-crazed AI characters screaming "Ru-ru poo poo neam!"...plus I've always hated the AI "Where are you?" and "Injured"....IT's much better to have no idea what the AI is complaining about. When a French Bluefor DLC comes out, I'll be French Bluefor all the time just for the AI language.
  9. The Domination thing gets me down too. I came back to multiplayer when OA came out and most of the time the majority of games out there are Domination with no more people in them than any other game mode. I tried to enjoy domination, but it seems to lack focus. ---------- Post added at 06:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:40 PM ---------- Well, I don't get the attraction of Domination. First off all you land (after an annoying cinematic intro) in the dullest imaginable base. then you're supposed to go many kilometers to harass somebody. Evidently the coop players are some gang and the AI is the police. Very dull. Why go far from a big base to play cops and robbers? Why not just do it all in a small town? What's the point of the whole base thing? Why pretend to be in an army of some kind when you're just doing some crimes?
  10. MengJiao

    need some input (should i buy arma2)

    I guess I would say two things (which may or may not make sense to you): 1) with OA, this is now the best state the whole game series from the original Opflash on has ever been in. There are aspects of OA that make Aram2/CO/OA an instant classic and with the mod community and the multiplayer game modes already out there...its only going to get better...so get in and see all the fun 2) I've had more fun in this Multiplayer environment than in any game since Red Orchestra as it was in 2006-2008.
  11. MengJiao

    Considering Purchasing

    I have a machine very close to what you are considering. I turned down or shut off a lot of the graphics options in the game and keep my view distance at around 2km. The game looks fine, beautiful even and runs without a hitch.
  12. MengJiao

    Vehicle controls in ARMA2 1.07?

    I've noticed some improvement. I thought I was just getting better at driving, but maybe the controls are a little smoother.
  13. MengJiao

    Oa ai

    This sounds like a zen koan to me. What do I really know about the quality of AI suffering?
  14. MengJiao

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    I'd like some jungle islands and some PT boats and some floatplanes or amphibious planes like the Catalina. Sharks, crocodiles, tides and dugout canoes would be fun too in that environment.