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  1. If its in the demo...why not take the PBO's out of the demo and into the full game?
  2. The 503rd PIR is a realism unit that is playing on Operation Arrowhead and is currently recruiting for Operation Arrowhead. The unit was founded on the 4th Of July 2010, and is currently needed leadership spots filled as well as regular infantry spots. We base ourselves on the core elements of teamwork, loyalty, and integrity. We like to play tactically and realistically but do not like to be so serious to where it isn't a game anymore and becomes the *actual* military. We like to have fun just like any other person because it is what the game was made for. We have a dedicated server and teamspeak3. We have in-house mission makers that make our campaigns and coop missions that are unique and unit specific to our needs. We are an infantry only based regiment but also needs pilots due to the fact that we are a Parachute Infantry Regiment and Airborne Qualified as a Quick Reaction Force. We hope to grow not only as a unit but as a group in whole so that everyone can have fun playing together tactically and realistically. We have a free website that isnt too fancy but why spend money on a website when you are just starting out anyways? The Information is below as well as the information regarding our ts3 and OA Dedicated Server. Other ways to contact me are through PM's on the BIS forums, Xfire (jesusman111), or my email kevinarma2@yahoo.com Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a pleasant day. Dedicated Server- 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment TS3- dallas01.armazilla.us:9987
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    Looking for a COOP Mission

    Cipher possibly?
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    ArmA II multiplayer

    yes ACE2 is the primary mod that most Public Servers use in order to recruit people. If you are going to play Multiplayer, your best bet to enjoy the full potential would be to join a realism unit that can create custom missions, and provide a good enough playerbase in order for you to enjoy the atmosphere of teamwork and cohesion. Most public servers play Domination or Warfare with endless respawns, which in my opinion isnt really fun. I run a realism unit called Ares Military Forces which is based after a fictional Private Military Corporation. If you ever want to play a good operation or two or even join up with us just let me and know and I will give you the info and if our unit is right for you then kudos. If not I will direct you to a unit that I think you would like if we arent the one for you.
  5. Hello Community. I REALLY want to learn how to make islands, and I have tried to follow some of the tutorials laid out for beginners or else i wouldnt be making this post. And Somehow, they just dont seem to work for me or make sense to me. I would REALLY appreciate it if someone would be able to talk to me in Teamspeak3 or Ventrilo or even just PM me on the forums and help me learn how to make a basic map to get me started on my feet. Thanks for reading this.
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    Friday night fights

    i heard you guys merged with 15th MEU?
  7. I am proud to announce that the 1stIFF or 1st International Fighting Force is now accepting applications at www.infifo.freeforums.org We are a realism unit that values teamplay, realism, and having fun most of all because here at 1stIFF, we understand that at the end of the day arma2 is just a game. Although we value having fun, we are still a realism unit at heart and act like one. We have a teamspeak3 server and an arma2 dedicated server. The info is below: TS3:ts32.gameservers.com 9142 ArmA2:The 1st IFF If you are at least 14 years of age, we will accept your application for review. Do NOT apply to join if you are not serious about staying with a good realism unit that plays almost everynight. We have people from all around the world including Norway, the UK, Canada, and America. We accept all races, sexes, and nationalities as long as you can speak good english. Here at the 1stIFF we pride ourselves on having custom made missions as well as dynamic campaigns, we also pride ourselves on being able to upkeep tactical gameplay as well as having fun at the same time. We are very close to the style of gameplay that ShackTactical has without the large player base. We hope to change that by recruiting serious players and adding them to our roster. We do use mods and even have our own exclusive modpack. If you have any questions you can contact me either on the unit's forums at www.infifo.freeforums.org or at kevinxenoxian@yahoo.com Thank you for reading and hope to see your application soon!
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    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Sup Animal, cant wait to beta test your Campaign with you...should be fun, im makin that mission on Thirsk that me and you talked about...when its done in its beta form ill send it to you and we can work on it together...Campaign looks good...keep it up man.