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  1. This is by far the most atmospheric horror game I have played. I don't feel like spoiling it, just try it from Steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/57300/
  2. D00mbuggy

    Actual combat????

    I suggest you update to 1.07.
  3. I was playing LAN coop and we started on "Start" and it progressed to First to fight. Problem was that once we finished the mission, I was presented with "Start" and "First to Fight" and not the mission after it. Help?
  4. D00mbuggy

    Reviews and Revenues

    I use the majority of reviews to base my opinion. If it seems blatantly rigged as in a paid review, I usually use sites like Rock paper shotgun or Kotaku.
  5. D00mbuggy

    Which Idea is best?

    I'm an american and i'm totally fine with the Taliban player idea. The people who are complaining about the controversy are the same type of soccer moms who ban any game that involves playing as the terrorists. This is what a patriotic US player in ArmA II is like "Kill Takistan as US? Ok. Killing Russians? Perfectly fine. Killing civilians? Lol it's fun to shoot civilians. Killing US soldiers? Absolutely terrible and shouldn't be allowed." I just think it's incredibly hypocritical if you want to complain that this mission is about killing US soldiers when it's a game. It's like someone complaining how in Enemy Territory Wolfenstein how you get to play as the Germans.
  6. D00mbuggy

    2 Player coop missions?

    No i'm playing LAN
  7. D00mbuggy

    2 Player coop missions?

    Just saying I only have 2 copies of ArmA 2
  8. D00mbuggy

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I think the reason why ArmA II is so unpopular is that it's too complex. Before you go calling the wahhmbulance what I mean by complex is by it's controls. X- Crouch Z- Prone C- Get up Which button don't you need? Obviously the freaking C button! The controls are crap tastic. They really need to ditch the animation based system because everything is delayed as hell. I can see around millions of countless things they need to streamline and improve. When you switch to a gun, you lose full control of your character. When you use your binoculars, you lose complete control of your character. When you crouch, you lose control of your character. When you stand you lose control of your character. When you prone you lose control of your character. Think about it, are those animations really necessary to lose control of your character? Now think of the Project Reality way. You switch to a gun, you pull it out of your pants GTA style. BUT there's no delay, you can run around while you're doing it, you can crouch, you can go prone. You crouch, you just crouch. There is no long out drawn, flashy animation that you cant move when you do it. Does losing these animations really lose the immersion factor? Is it really worth the losing control of your character. Think of why Project Reality is so successful compared to ArmA II. The controls are basically your standard shooter controls from Doom 3 or Half Life 2. But they don't really harm the realism or believability as Project Reality represents.
  9. Would anyone like to recommend some good 2 player coop missions?
  10. Honestly I think Outerra should be the new engine for ArmA III. It's a planatery renderer that can support vast maps as large as Earth itself. It has huge view distances, it supports flight model planes, realistic vehicles, villages, roads, trees that don't lag up your game and more. This seems like much more of a practical solution then Cryengine 3. XGMs7Iem3Vg gf8YQ9WSdiw rvuc52kZYOk RNw7_lyxPmA izyZ1kKQzbE LC9FOHwNw9o Features Summary Realistic looking terrain with high detail Unlimited visibility, detail ranging from thousands of kilometers down to centimeters Real time atmospheric rendering Rendering of vast dense forests Seamless transition from space down to the planet surface Adaptive LOD with continuous transitions. Elevation data are preprocessed using special wavelet compression, the required level of detail is extracted effectively on the fly Partitioned compressed dataset can be downloaded progressively over the web Fractal refinement mimicking the natural processes (erosion, rocks, overhangs) Procedural texture generator combining mathematical models and climatic data Bitmap overlays for specific areas Vector data - roads, rivers, land class polygons Dynamic shadows Fully asynchronous multi-threaded design able to utilize all available CPU cores Terrain and fractal algorithms runing completely on the GPU Stable frame rate system Supports arbitrary and varying resolution of elevation datasets, refined to centimeter resolution by fractal algorithms Embedded web browser allowing for direct web service integration Supports COLLADA 3D model file format Integrates a Flight Dynamics Model library for high fidelity simulation of aircraft, rockets Global physics engine for simulation of vehicle physics and collision detection http://outerra.com/index.html Also some more pictures on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/engines/outerra-engine
  11. I hope this actually becomes a simulator that can compete somewhat with ArmA II. I'm sick and tired of the shoddy movement, tanks that die from machine guns, and bad UI. I am an ArmA II player myself but you honestly have to put up with the problems ArmA II has since they're no other game in the market like it other else than OFP and ArmA. And on the plus side competition always makes things better.
  12. D00mbuggy

    The End of the Tactical Shooter.

    There will always be niche markets to fill, like what ArmA II has been doing right now, and what Bohemia Interactive has been doing since they made OFP:CWC
  13. D00mbuggy

    Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty released

    I've played the trial. It's crack cocaine on steroids.
  14. D00mbuggy

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    DLC like this is what I did not want to see in ArmA II. Anyone can make new units. ALL of the soldiers (Civilians, US, Takistan, British) have the same AI. What you're basically paying for here is a package of weapons and vehicles that the modding community has already made. It's like taking the M16 from the US, giving a British gun model on it, giving it sounds, editing some configs for firing rate, and slapping a price on it. I want Bohemia Interactive to do things that are extremely hard to mod, such as firing in vehicles, AI, jamming. As of now, they're just releasing content that modders have been hard working on. I know theres a British pack in the works and now it's been blown sky high by the closed-content Bohemia is releasing for money. Good example: Booster packs from BF2 Nobody bought the Booster packs, people only bought Special Forces for the weapons. Since there were no servers for the Booster packs because no players had them, DICE decided to release the Booster packs FREE of charge in the latest patch. Now you can commonly see Booster pack maps on servers.
  15. D00mbuggy

    ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead - DEMO!

    Is it allowed to make multiplayer missions in the demo? I've tried making one and it didn't show up on the missions list when I tried hosting.