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    im a ps3 player...........

    yea im going to do some saving...i want the best comp i can get/build to run this with as many fps as i can....it looks so friggin sweet.thanks for the replies...anyone want a p3? lol
  2. ms420247

    Why is this game not more popular?

    on ps3...bunch of kids really....they do want the arcade sim....if there is such a thing...i though battlefield was realistic...as my former post has shown....this is what i have been looking for....the real deal besides being a marinein the real field..id like to do some more research...i love this already....
  3. and let me say WOW...this is what i have been looking for. I was browsing youtube looking up tanks choppers in real battle and came across a simulator. then up popped ARMA2. i am blown away. i play battlefield bad company 2. and i am already thinking about selling my p3 and getting a comp to play arma2 {im on a netbook lol} any suggestions would be great people. again i am truly mesmerized at this sim! thanks