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    ArmA 3 contest - Win your copy of Apex!

    Good luck everyone.
  2. Hello, It seems first patch is released but there are 2 files on the site. OFPPatch_exe_ESD_1_60.exe and OFPPatch_exe_DISK_1_60.exe So what are the differences for these files? What is the meaning of "ESD"? And which one we should download? Thanks. http://www.gameswelt.de/downloads/patches/161348-Iron_Front_Liberation_1944.html
  3. I got a question too. Will it be full priced title ($50) like ArmA series or it will cost $20 or so. Thanks.
  4. Any news from Bohemia Interactive? Will you fix this bug? I know it is not a big issue but I hope you will fix it and we can test it on beta patches. Thanks. :)
  5. Doesn't anyone have the same problem? Please try it, it is so easy to try. I hope they Bohemia Interactive fix this bug.
  6. Hi, I am doing tutorial missions for Arrowhead but I think E11: Team Command tutorial is bugged. I can't pass it. Game says me order your medic to heal officer so I am ordering him to heal him and he is going near the officer but after he is saying "No can do". It is a known bug or am I missing something to do? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I opened this thread to Steam Forums too but no one answered me so I am opening here too. I just bought Arma 2 and Arrowhead and downloading Arrowhead. I have a question about it, when I right click the game icon from Steam, there is a register your game option. When I click it, it forwards me to www.arma2.com. I searched the site but couldn't find a place to register my game. So is it important register my game? It gives extras or it is only for support? And from where can I register my game from www.arma2.com thanks. :)
  8. Yes, it is not possible right now but what I am asking is it will be possible in future? Look at this, it is from ArmA 2 FAQ? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=75958 Q: Can we use our retail keys to register on Steam? A: TBD, TBA So maybe it will be possible in future. Epic Games did this with Unreal Tournament 3 and Relic did this with Dawn of War: Soulstorm so it is easy and doable.
  9. Hi, I have retail version of ArmA 2 and I love Steam Service so much. I bought the game retail because it was cheaper than the Steam version. I read the FAQ and you said it will be TBA for Steam activation. Is there any news about this? We retail owners of the game can activate the game on Steam in future? Thank you, I hope you will do this because Steam is so great with automatic updates and no DVD requriements. :)