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  1. Well done. I don't see what BI has to lose by adding the option. I mean sure its unlikely a soldier would resort to a knife but it would be nice to have the option because even silenced guns make a lot of noise. Only thing is no matter how slow I move I make too much noise to sneak up on enemies so to test it I had to spawn a unit right in front of me
  2. I want to create an identity but I am not sure what face and voice to give because I coulnd't find any links. Does anyone know of any?
  3. I customizeds a units gear and placed him on the map but I only want him to appear once a certain trigger has been activated. Is this possible? I found a really old thread asking for same thing but it wasn't answered. Thanks to anyone able to help me
  4. Yes thank you I eventually figured it out myself. Stupid me had the image line by itself outside the rest of the script
  5. Does anyoone know where I can find a list of available speakers and faces?
  6. When ever I put a space in the title when exporting a mission from the editor it shows up as a %. I was using an underscore to get around this but I saw in someone elses mission that he had normal spaces and no.Stratis on the end. How does one do that? P.S. Thought about renaming the exported file but figured that wouldn't work after seeing the other guys mission didn't.
  7. In the showcases there is a diary record called signals that has all the squads and their callsigns. So far I have been able to make my callsigns up with setgroupID but I can't figure out how they did the rest. Its kind of like when you do <marker name = whatever>balls<\marker> but its for sqauds? It also has a line between each signal which i'm not sure how to do also. Is it possible to have paragraphs in briefings using the modules to make diary records? Thank you
  8. Just tried that but had no luck :( Is 44kb too big maybe?
  9. Also tried converting to paa and changing dimensions like this but still no joy :( player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Intel", "Here is a recent picture of your target"]]; <img image='colonel.paa' width='200' height='200'/>
  10. I used to be able to add images to my briefing and to the mission title screen. I forgot how to so tried searching for way and this is what I came up with. I put the following lines into a briefing.sqf file. player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Intel", "Here is a recent picture of your target"]]; <img image='colonel.jpg'/>; The image itself is named colonel and its a 102x102 jpg stored in the mission folder. When I load up the mission I get an error message that says invalid number in expresion. Any ideas why?
  11. wow thanks guys i'll give it a try and make one countdown trigger for alarm noise then another a few seconds longer to lose mission :) ---------- Post added at 10:00 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:51 AM ---------- It worked :D That was much easier than I expected thank you so much! I tried to read a guide on event handlers and it mentioned sqf files and all sorts of complicated stuff without even mentioning the basics.
  12. Xen0tech

    Stealth needs a buff

    Okay I just watched this video It made me feel alot better to know suppressed guns are still really noisy. The thing arma is lacking is the realistic suppressed gunfire sfx. I do still strongly believe enemies sight is unrealisticly overpowered though.
  13. So if for example I wanted the whateveryouwanttohappen to be setting of another trigger that has an alarm effect is that possible?
  14. I've tried seaching but could not find a step by step guide for dummies. All I want to know is in as simple terms as possible how to make it so when an enemy fires his weapon the mission will fail. Any help will be greatly appreciated :)
  15. Is it just me or is the enemy too psychic in this game? The ai is so random in how it detects that it almost make stealth tactics pointless. I made a test mission with detection triggers and tried firing my gun knowing the enemy should hear but he didn't. Then I shot him with a suppressed gun and another unit not even joined or equipped with a radio was aware. I have always loved making stealthy missions in arma but now I remember why I stopped playing arma 2. I know its only alpha but so far its troubling to think these issues still exist.