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  1. Bazooka301

    CONSPIRACIES: Apocalypse

    By the way you got any tips to make it run smoothly as i am getting a lot of very jumpy game-play.
  2. Bazooka301

    CONSPIRACIES: Apocalypse

    Really good mod been playing it for hours now good job keep up the good work.
  3. Bazooka301

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Woot Downloading now :bounce3:
  4. Bazooka301

    MBG Window of opportunity

    This is going to be sick cant wait for the release. Keep up the good work.
  5. Bazooka301

    MBG Window of opportunity

    Looking good keep up this great work good job.
  6. Bazooka301

    MBG Window of opportunity

    I used to test and help with idea's on Farm Wars. I do not if that is the sort of tester you looking for but i would love to help you by testing it for you. Oops just re-read i ment to PM you.
  7. Bazooka301

    [SP] Simple Zombie Action

    Great mission it is very fun. Like the other guy said would be good to have some objectives. Like say you have to get to a out post and help the AI fight the zombies something like that also be good if you could have say 4 AI that way you can use them as a 2 man teams going into the towns..... But as i said very good mission keep up the good work.
  8. I replaced them in the appdata place and now it is working fine thanks.
  9. Well me and aload of people using A2 + OA are getting battleye, corrupted memory #0, on disk just incase people wonder what game.
  10. I have disk and getting the Battleye corrupted memory.
  11. If BIS did this the RPG community would be for ever in there debt.
  12. Come on some one must have had this problem.
  13. Ok i am running team Speak 3 but it is not working when i start up ArmA 2 it stops i cant talk but i can hear them if any one knows the issue please tell me.
  14. But wont the beta stop me joining my normal servers.