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  1. Hi, I messed up with the config file and now have to choose some settings. I would like to know the relevance of this parameters language="Italian"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=48387;93750 Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=1280; Resolution_H=1024; refresh=75; Render_W=1280; Render_H=1024; FSAA=2; postFX=1; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=1064247296;1073741824 nonlocalVRAM=1543073792;123076608 winX=16; winY=32; winW=1280; winH=1024; winDefW=1280; winDefH=1024; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=3;2 Windowed=0; I installed the game (ArmAII only) on two OS on the same machine. The red values are detected on XP pro 32 bit, The others are common or related to Win7 enterprise 64bit. I made some benches but did't appreciate difference. What then if I fix refresh rate at 60? I prefer Xp for better FPS, with 7 I gain quik loading and maybe less stutter. Then in default config, I have reder 1440 x 900 (but I have 5:4 LCD display). I would like to set manually the bold values if they make some difference. Any suggestion? Thanks
  2. Hi, I experienced a strange effect while playing a SP mission. Passing from 1st to 3rd person wiew on a M1, the screen become all fuzzy and noisy like static effect. Some months ago a friend of mine had the same problem. We resolved moving PPE to disabled. Do you have any idea of the reason? I run on XP pro 32 bit, ATI Radeon HD5670, ArmA2 retail only. My friend had an ATI 4890. Thank you.
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    Noise and static on screen

    Thank you, but it don't show than once in a while
  4. puzzola

    Swedish Forces Pack

    Hurray!!! Need to blow some enemy tank sneaking behind a drywall or so. Don't know if is a playable tactic in game but the model is very cool. I have a doubt: I play ArmAII stand alone. Will You relese the mod for that? If a vehicle or unit is made for OA can i play it with ArmAII whitout some features or it crashes or is not loaded?
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    Swedish Forces Pack

    Hi, in theese days i was looking for a model of the s-tank. Does your project include that model too?
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    Noise and static on screen

    Is it like an optic malfunction after a damage? If I disembark it go away? If so it's cool, only need not to use 3rd person in tanks. Why does it happen so rarely? Is an effect added to the mission?
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    Thanks, posted there too. If you like you can close this post.
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    Did anyone release a Swedish S-Tank addon for ArmA or ArmA II?
  9. Did anyone release a Swedish S-Tank addon for ArmA or ArmA II?
  10. puzzola

    Noise and static on screen

    Thank you both. I noticed game deteriorating too, since ArmA, and tought of GPU overheating, now have a ATI 5670 that stay very cool so I guessed it's RAM problem.
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    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Any news about the restoring of tank recoil? I'm waiting to update to 1.07 after I returned to 1.05 for this reason. Do you suggest to upgrade nevertheless? Did you have good improvements with 1.07? I have an Intel E6400, Ati Radeon HD 5670, 4 GB Ram, Xp pro 32 bit and it run good enough after moving some file to pendrive and defragging regularly, but any improvement in perfomance or gameplay is welcome.
  12. I restored 1.05 version :p. A clean install from retail DVD and the 1.05 patch. Not so hard, I renamed the C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2 and the C:\Documents and Settings\User\Documents\ArmA 2 to save old settings and mods. As I had multi installation AddOns folder (secondary HD, and pendrive) I saved the list to divide them again (it took a lot to sort which one in HD or PD),so after installation I made a good defrag with jkdefrag, moved the files and another defrag for the HDs. Now it runs good. Perfection would be 1.07 performance improvements without the bugs. Hope that with OA Bis don't stop ArmA2 patching because after 8 month of settings with a few hours of gameplay I hardly will start another trial :(. Strangely the new config file setted resolution at 1280x1024 and render 1440 x 900 at 75hz. I have a 5:4 19" monitor and its native settings are 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz. The strangest thing is that 1440 x 900 is not 5:4. I restored the settings but would like a counsel about it. The differnce is 2/3 FPS gain with 1440 x 900 and I don't notice the quality difference in the image. For the refresh rate, the difference is the FPS max in the editor (60 or 72/74) but it seams nothing in game. maybe you know the reason of the strange parameter. Tell me if you need some specs. Thank you
  13. ok, thank you all, I'll try. So we have no idea of changes to come?
  14. No fix at the moment? Are you using 1.07 nevertheless? Do we need to reinstal to patch 1.05? Someone have a clue of the strategy ahead (fix or patch 1.08)? Does BIS stated somethig about it? I'm am not playing because i don't know if saves can be used.
  15. Scared by these reports I tried to fire in editor at a MI-8 with stinger and from an AH-1Z locking it, it works as usual. tried with addons too. The only thing I can have different is XP pro 32 bit maybe. I exeperienced some crash loading a mission with addons (there were many addons aircrafts) and of course miss the tank recoil. Hope it's usefull. Full specs: E6400 10% overcloked, Ati radeon 5660, 4 GB Ram.
  16. Very sad, i liked so much the effect of recoil and shockwave......... How didn't anyone noticed it in the betas? Is that a last minute change? Possibility we can have it back like fix and not with betas? More problematic I have some crash loading some mission I made, don't no why, they are very simple, maybe for the presence of unit addons like the GLT F16? I stopped tryng Betas and was very happy for the new patch, noticed some increase in performance but hope it was'nt a mistake. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machine: E6400 10% overclocked, Ati radeon 5660, XP pro 32bit, 4 GB Ram, Addons in secondary HD and on pendrive.
  17. Ok, I'll convert tonight and need some days to try in MP. I'll let you know. Thanks for now.
  18. Hi, I made some MP missions and have a problem in some. The second player (not the host), can't drive vehicle nor die and in some case can't see the hosting player. I made a simple mission whit two pilot (both playable or one player and one playable) and some F16 in a base. respawn at base with the right marker. The hosting player can do everything, the second click to drive and is ejected, but the host see him board and stay put. The second player can't die if blown by enemy bomb or other. I tried putting the pilots as stand alone or in the same unit. In another mission i made two squad commanded by two players. The AI of second player freeze. I reduced to one squad and second player can act normally and drive vehicles too. Anyone have a suggestion? Thank you very much.
  19. UHM....the error message in the black window don't show up anymore. I have still the error 'model.cfg/CfgSkeletons/vehicle.skeletonInerit' and some textures flashing white in and out.
  20. Good idea, I made a quik try and showed an error......i must make a screenshot today. I forgot the mission start have an error on both PC like: no entry 'sckeleton.cfg/Cfgskeleton/vehicle.skeletonInerit' I'll past the exact string later today. Bye
  21. Hi, thank you for your answer. Both mission are home made, the one with the F16 has only a repawn marker and a description.ext: class Header { gameType = Coop; minPlayers = 2; maxPlayers = 2; }; // Respawn Settings respawn = "base"; respawndelay = 3; 4 F16 empty, unlocked, stand alone, 2 pilots, some (20) Opfor aircrafts (Su33, Su34 and iranian F14), at the base a ammo box, AI truck for repair and supply, 2 M163 manned by AI. In the other mission too much to tell, I paste the Addons as in the mission.sqm class Mission { addOns[]= { "asz_cc", "queshkibrul", "asz_needed_weapons", "ar7090", "ASZ_Wheel", "asz_motorbike", "ASZ_Men_DES", "ffaa_terrorista", "3LB_SA6", "catracked2_bmp3", "CAWheeled", "CAWheeled_Pickup", "CATracked", "vilas_ru_veh_forces", "ASZ_Air", "ASZ_Tracked" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "ASZ_Men_DES", "asz_cc", "ffaa_terrorista", "3LB_SA6", "catracked2_bmp3", "CAWheeled", "CAWheeled_Pickup", "CATracked", "vilas_ru_veh_forces", "ASZ_Wheel", "asz_motorbike", "asz_needed_weapons", "ASZ_Air", "ASZ_Tracked", "queshkibrul" }; There is a simple trigger OPFOR not present, some waypoints for the OPFOR, and the caching script fort the units. All this works if there is only one Bluefor squad. If it can help we play with 1.05 ArmA2 version, hamachi, firewall on, talking with skype some mod in use: OKTnoblur, sakusun, sakulightfx, and I have addons divided to secondary HDD and a pendrive. If you want I can sed the PBOs Thank you again.
  22. Too much script for me, there are other effects in this script and I can't sort the right one. Thank you
  23. I created a mission with too much units. So I would like to spawn some group when some west side unit is in range. I have no idea how to......... I understand to make a trigger with west present, but don't know how spawn groups in consequence. The groups then are mixed terrorist so have I to script something for the leader or member for member? Please if you can past a script "as to", cause i start from zero really. Thank you
  24. Thank you, I'll try tomorrow and will reply. Bye