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  1. puzzola

    PedagneMOD betaFIX v02.1 Released

    Hi Arremba! Nice to see you keep working at this huge project. Can I use some of this fix with ARMAII standalone (no OA)? Thank you one more time. :)
  2. Hi Arremba, looking forward for the release. I'll write you for the classnames too. Bye
  3. puzzola

    Fuel can texture missing

    Sorry for upping, but have the same problem. Think it appears when I destroy a vehicle.
  4. Thank you very much oktane :) Very kind of you
  5. Anyone that can say me which version of okt_noblur have I to use with Arma2 standalone 1.10, please? :(
  6. I'm sorry to ask it again, but which version have I to install for use with Arma2 1.10 standalone?
  7. Hi, I'm evaluating to patch Arma2 standalone to 1.10 I have 1.09 with related okt_noblur, but can't find the 1.10 version. On armaholic, now I find only 1.07 but strangely is dated after the release of 1.10 official patch. Is it a typing error? Thank you very much
  8. puzzola

    3D editor

    Thank you, I'll try.
  9. puzzola

    3D editor

    I opened the 3d editor on arma2. Is it there a tutorial? When I try to put some unit in the world, the group and type menu are empty :( I can place only empty object. I thought I can open 2d mission but it don't seams so. What are "command", "guarded point" and Din0?
  10. puzzola

    3D editor

    Wait, is there a 3d editor included in Arma2?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a way to set some switchable unit available after a condition (maybe a trigger) What command you think of best? * addSwitchableUnit (maybe is a unit non present in game till that moment?) * enableTeamSwitch (conditioned for one or more units) * removeSwitchableUnit (united to addSwitchableUnit) * teamSwitchEnabled (seems too rigid) In a SP mission, is better setting multiple units playable in the editor and then hiding them, or specify only the player and set unit by unit playable at a command? I want that in a part of the story you can play only one unit, and when occurs a condition, you can choose other characters by the teamswitch menu. I would like also that you can return to the original character at will. Let's go with suggestions and examples. Thank you in advance :) ---------- Post added at 10:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 PM ---------- Wow, I tried addSwitchableUnit unitName and it works. A normal mission with a player and in a trigger onact: addSwitchableUnit unitName; addSwitchableUnit unitName; I think you can do it with an array too. You can change back to the original player and so on. Sorry for this post that maybe can stay as a reminder. If you have suggestions or know any kind of related bug, please post here. Bye
  12. There's only 1.10 more recent. And AFAIK introduce only compatibility with Arma Free. Edit: I saw the changelog, there'are some other stuff, but not the one in object, may I will upgrade a day, but I spent enough time yet for having 1.09 working.
  13. That is a problem too, they don't seek waypoints for example. But the case I presented are AI thet are stuck and refuse to move with pistol in their hands (no innuendo :p). They unlock only if greeted. Have we a way to greet them at distance and for sure?
  14. I'm running Arma2 DVD standalone patched to 1.09. In the mission I have many waypoints and some script, but they stop even in moments uneffected by that. The problem occurs when i load a saved game or if I switch unit.
  15. Hi, I tought about a solution for the bug that stops the AI crouched and with pistols in hands when you load a mission. The only thing that free them is the conversation menu (targets, weather...) But to do so, you must go in front of the AI and sometime it doesn't appear. Can we create a radio trigger (for debug) to salute an AI in another part of the map? Or create an object that teleport and go to salute the AI? Let me know your ideas or ather solution if you have. :confused: