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  1. I'm having trouble getting ace apache missile system to work with WIT running on dedicated server. Is there anything in the code preventing ace FCS to work with with WIT? I noticed that the ACE missile crosshair disappears on dedicated, perhaps it's ACE fault?
  2. laugen

    RUM Assets

    I'm getting mixed results. I was only using the CH47. When the chopper returns and i have selected the following: insert - pilot is deleted, crew still in - "helo in flight" shuffle - pilot is deleted, crew still in - I get another go extract - pilot ejects, crew still in - "helo in flight" I'm using your latest beta 3b and I tried setting RUM_THEL_ReSupTime = 0;
  3. laugen

    RUM Assets

    Seems transport choppers can only make one trip, the pilot somewhat ejects after he return to base. And requesting a new extraction results "in flight" I know this is still a beta, so forgive if this has already been mentioned :)
  4. laugen

    SAM / Nordin addons

    very well, looking forward for your future releases :-)
  5. laugen

    SAM / Nordin addons

    This would be even cooler if you could get bombers to be "on station" awaiting orders like with Draper's "Rum assets" Maybe you guys should team up! How about having the apaches utilize standoff attacks with LOAL and maybe get some more heavier ordinance like a 2000 pounder for the bombers.. Just some ideas. :-)
  6. laugen

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    Is there anywhere i can get the beta patches in zip, not that i don't trust BIS, I just don't like installers. It also overwrite my OA root exe in my last attempt. Edit: I usually get my beta's from six updater but it's not up to date yet
  7. What i meant to ask was if there is a list that show addons added that are also standalone? Like Robert Hammer's heli sounds. I'm trying to put together my own collection of sound mods and i don't wont to add something that are already there. Anyhow thanks :)
  8. Hi and thanks for an excellent mod ace team ! Just curious, is there some list over other addons already integrated into ace? I have checked out the documentation page, forgive if I overlooked it :-)