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  1. Hi I've been trying to join some standard arma 2 servers , and i download the mission file, it says loading then when i'm about to start playing it goes straight back to the server browser. There are no addons required for these servers so i have none in my directories, however i have tried joining an ACE server with all the necessary files working, and the same thing happens ? Anybody know whats going on ? Thanks Dan
  2. steelblood

    Teams within a faction ?

    Well i'll give that a try, but i was looking more for a script that sets the players faction to a different one ? And yes that is what i'm after because i'm making a sniper PVP game mode and i want to just use US snipers, so that the spawn points can be random without having to script that aswell. Thanks Dan
  3. Sorry to "bump" but, is there anyway to make a list of targets instead ? Do i make a game logic make the list in that then make the trigger dependent on that ?
  4. I've just reinstalled ACE 2 and it's all working (Inclusive of ACEX etc etc) But ..... There is no US Army ? Did you remove it or am i missing something ? I downloaded it from armaholics. Thanks Dan
  5. Hi Does anybody know how to make a player be on a different team, despite being on the same team ? E.g. 4 people on USMC,however it is 2v2 ? Thanks Dan
  6. Ok sorry i've got this working now, but is there anyway to make exceptions to this rule ? EDIT: Or is there a way to make units possibly spawn with names then create the list of names that will be killed by the trigger leaving everything else exempt ? Thanks Dan
  7. How do you make a simple trigger to kill units that enter the area ? I was looking for it and cannot figure it out, or is this it ? If so i can't get it to work. I put this into the on act field of the trigger " {if (_x == player) then {_x setDammage 1}} foreach thisList" Is this wrong ?
  8. I have got arrowhead don't worry ;) It's just my friends don't so i'm still making missions for us to play in Standard ARMA 2, ofcourse i've got OA --- PR IS ON IT SO ! :D
  9. Hi I've just downloaded ace mod (Not using six updater or yomas addon sync because it will no longer be being updated will it so) And i'm getting this error message EVERY time i try to launch it with the ACE mod addons " Filex\ace\addons\settings\identities\CfgIdentites.hpp, line 1:/CfgIdentities.ACE_Original_Identity: Undefined base class 'Identity' " Anybody know what the problem is and how to help :) Thanks Dan
  10. steelblood

    New Mission Help

    I do know a fair amount, just not wise enough to ENTIRELY write them on my own, been doing it for a while now. Also i've deliberately put the air strike note up knowing full well, theres lots of air strikes scripts out there, the only drawback is i just want it to drop an ordnance on the exact location (Or near abouts) that you select, all the air strike scripts i've come across so far, use seek & Destroy way points as the basis of them. I don't want my jet to have to see the enemy. Thanks for the heads up on these things Dan :D
  11. Hi, it's been a while since i posted last, i've been of the editting scene for a while due to lots of reasons but, i'm back :) I need some help with producing these features : A.) Ammo Crates which change location (Maybe a function that changes i don't know if it's possible to change the location of an actual object in the game dependent on a time variable) B.) Random Spawn Points (I know there is something about this somewhere already, but could not find it) C.) How to remove the "Set teams" , so i want 8 players say all on the USMC , however i want it to be 2v2v2v2...... Is this possible ? D.) Airstrike function that randomly generates on set objects (Obvioulsy made in the editor), that when you call it in it drops a JDAM on the location you called it in, it does not need to see the enemy it just does so. E.) "Kill Streaks" - I know COD......*Sighs* , however it's not like that as such, i want a kill streak so that when you get so many kills you get a bonus or "asset" of some sort, it's gonna be sniper based gameplay hence the 2v2 so it would be an airstrike or something. F.) A suitable location - any suggestions ? I want an urban environment mixed with a bit of rural (Preferably in a valley or something) Fairly large but not massive by any means as it's only likely to be played by 8 people, but large enough to move and call in airstrikes etc. It's gonna be a sniper gamemode so, any maps are welcome to suggestions :) Thanks alot guys Dan
  12. Ok so i've tried that and it doesn't work particulary well . Is it possible for an AI jet to use JDAMS against infantry targets ?
  13. Actually the search will search posts ... and still it will take time, i was only in a cheery mood that's all :( Thanks for the help so far guys but how do you do the UNIT dtarget thing ? Thanks alot Dan
  14. Can you get AI to destroy a building ?