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  1. Thank you for your continuing great work!!!
  2. as always great work from your side. Thank you !!!
  3. I just got this error, when trying to gather a blueprint from a research lab. CTD
  4. Thank you very much for the efforts , I love your mod sooo much
  5. At first at all great work you did!!! I have a problem in IntelliJ 2016.3 getting an error with if (a > b) then { c = 1 }; ; or command expected and this old bug too for "_i" from 5 to 0 step -1 do {};
  6. parmenides

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    How am I supposed to use ZEUS, whenever I press zeus key as commander only an eye appears but nothing more happens. many thanks for any help
  7. Thank you again for your great work. I wish we could have more islands :) but anyhow I come back to the game again and again only because of your great work!!!
  8. I have a problem with falling through the flight deck of the ANZAC frigate when landing with heli and geting out of it. Does anybody know if there is a solution for this?
  9. omg and since I started a new campaign it hit me :)
  10. YES!!!!! its working again. Great work. I love this mod :) Thanks for all your efforts!
  11. The Detect button does not work , on Page 8 and in game changing C to whatever is free is working but there is also no effect which means camera key is simply not working
  12. Sorry to say but disabling on page 4 unit camera mode recall has no effect on camera switching with C
  13. I am only playing strategy game I started 2 time a new one. With and without mod With mod no C key and I think this is important. I did now a fallback to 1.26 version and with this version C key works perfectly. Its broken in 1.27
  14. W and S key work as they are supposed to do. no problem there, as soon as I unload mod everything works fine with C key camera,
  15. I have the exactly same problem as malakie. I use now Windows 10 and my C key (camera toggle) does not work any more. B Key and Nose cam all working perfectly only C key seems disabled I have resetted / deleted all settings under mygames folder to allow new generation. This did not help. Would be great If you could take a look at it, great mod as I always wrote here :)
  16. WIll it be possible for you to change base AI configuration in that way that if a AI unit gets knocked out it respawns automatically after a time? Its very annoying to remove all AI first in order to replace 1 dead. Thanks for your continued fine work !!
  17. Thanks again !! great work as allways !!!
  18. Thanks a lot but why is reammo not working bug or me :) ?
  19. Thanks that did it :) ---------- Post added at 11:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:25 AM ---------- I have another problem but maybe its only my missinformation. When I would like to give one of my soldiers a new weapon (run out of ammo on its own weapon) via customize gear he will accept the new one but not the ammo although I select one with ammo available. So reammo doesnt work also explicitly clicking it not. I am sure I do something wrong.