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  1. Hi, I dont think you will get a release date for this. After alot of searching around and contacting afew BI Mods/Admins and such. This game looks like its been scrapped. :(
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    One request

    NO! Someone take the Keyboard away from you!
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    WoW Its Carrier Command!

    I belive so. Its in this Forum which is Bohemia Interactive and its logo is all over the main website at www.carriercommand.com :bounce3: We can only hope. Although..... I cant find much info on it anywhere.
  4. Hello all. Graeme here from 1701. I used to play this game on the Atari ST back in the 80's. It was amazing. I hope this game really is coming soon. Afew questions I have are: 1) When is it launched? 2) PC or Console or BOTH? 3) System requierments? 4) Regular & Special editions? If I am asking questions that have been asked in the past then I am sorry. Thanks all!